Yasmine Sabry star revealed what Ramez Jalal did to her in secret behind the scenes, so he took revenge on her in a shocking way that no one expected !!

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Despite a difficult dispute between Yasmine Sabry and Ramez Jalal after she fell victim to his joke, Ramiz Majnoun Rasmi, two years ago, she became Ramez’s victim for the second time this year in the Ramez Movie Star joke program.

This was due to her dream of reaching the world with action movie star Van Damme, and Ramez gave up his sarcastic introduction and contented himself with uttering phrases for flirting in the beauty of Yasmine, and once commented on her enjoyment of her husband’s wealth, and also once mocked her failure to memorize the dialogue of the first scene.

Ramez, instead of the usual introduction to insulting and ridiculing the stars, received Yasmine Sabry, saying: Pride of Egyptian production, come down, beast of beast.

International Van Damme star commented on Ramez Jalal’s description of Yasmine Sabry, saying, “Oh, yes.”

Ramez Jalal continued the authority of Yasmine Sabry in the episode: A high-caliber star, in unparalleled beauty, combines Dalaa Souad Hosni, on the body with Hind Rost, on the fierceness of Suhair Ramzi, knowing the value of himself and the ability to pronounce his name, few in appearance and sparse in appearance, rare in presence and cocooned like silk worms

He added: There was a disagreement between us. She came out with me in the episode, and as usual, I gave her a wait. Are you looking forward to getting lost in me? He thought I was a coward and I was afraid, I planned for her and I will bring her again and he will give her … Beautiful beauties who change from women and want to get rid of the star, Yasmine Sabry.

Ramez cites Yasmina Sabry’s statements for the “et in Arabic” program in May 2020, during which she said: “I have to be disturbed and so far I have not found any explanation for her”, referring to her question about the reason for her love for her to her husband, Ahmed Abu Hashimi, where her response appeared in the episode: “He makes me laugh.”

And Yasmine Sabry explained in her statements: “The truth is, I said I love everything in him, that he is successful, confident, the ambitions of his personality are strong, and I said he is the master of the people, and we have many common needs and to make me laugh. “

And she expressed resentment that the answer was interrupted so that only the word “makes me laugh” appeared and accused Ramez Jalal and the preparatory team of doing it on purpose, and she said: “This is a need that bothers me and me. I couldn’t expect this from Ramez. “

Ramez commented on Yasmina Sabry’s elegant look, saying, “I finished the book on femininity and her husband gave her a private jet and a yacht, and he concluded it now in Qatar,” adding: “The club in her neck wants a whole caravan.

And while getting Yasma’s sizes to prepare clothes for the shooting, Ramez said: Honestly, this is an adulterous player, from back to front, no speech, but the middle is done in installments.

Among the paragraphs of the “Ramez Movie Star” program, the host of the “Shahid” program asked the artist Yasmine Sabry, saying: “What is your philosophy of life?” Ramez Jalal jokingly replied, “Take care of yourself and don’t be wasteful because you fall for someone who has money.” .

Artist Yasmine Sabry received the international star Van Dam where she welcomed him and expressed her love for him as she began to prepare for the role in front of him.About her beauty and appearance.

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