World Environment Day 2022: Alia Bhatt, Shraddha Kapoor do Dia Mirza: Celebrities who nailed sustainable fashion

We love fashion, but what would it be like to do it without guilt? We cannot live without fashion, so how can we live without the earth and all its powerful blessings? It is vital to make a baby or big steps that can conserve the resources around us and the planet we live on. From the toxicity of using plastic to indulging in fast fashion, we are at a loss if we continue to swear by these harmful habits. On this World Environment Day, let us promise to be aware and make wise choices. Here’s a look at how Bollywood divas like Alia Bhatt, Shraddha Kapoor Dia Mirza and several others have found joy and love in marching towards sustainable fashion.

Alia Bhatt

fashion1 World Environment Day 2022 sustainable fashion alia shraddha dia

The term ‘earth’ is truly synonymous with love and care. When you do this, know that you have made a huge good impact. The RRR actress always has to embark on an ethical and sustainable fashion. She also made a holster as a bride who curated a clothing combination with so many rags from her old sets. Here is another favorite, the beautiful Saree brand Demi-couture, Bloni Atelier. This was a blend of recycled nylon base, repurposed degradable artificial leather and metal parachute. Along with a silver sleeveless blouse and a deep neckline, Ami Patel stylized this desi look with headbands and rings.

It’s Mirza

fashion2 World Environment Day 2022 sustainable fashion alia shraddha dia

From cheering for countless Indian weaves, artisans and their contribution to sustainable fashion, Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein has been super loud about it. Beautiful as always, this hand-painted yellow sara from Archana Jaju combined with a green silk blouse. She kept her desi look with such stunning gold accessories.

Vidya Balan

fashion3 World Environment Day 2022 sustainable fashion alia shraddha dia

Someone who lives and breathes with the saying “Vocals for the local”, actress Shakuntala Devi has proven that our future can be brighter and healthier if we follow the ethical practice of fashion. One such inspiration includes the bright floral printed coordinated set of Ayush Kejriwal. Designed from natural fibers, this prevents the use of nylon or polyester. Beautiful, priceless and forever!

Shraddha Kapoor

fashion4 World Environment Day 2022 sustainable fashion alia shraddha dia

The fashion dictionary of street starlets has everything we need to learn from. Do you think a celebrity never repeats clothes? Shraddha does that and he is so proud. Do you like vegan food? From Torqadorn faux leather pants to bags, this diva also adores Stella McCartney’s creation which also goes the way of sustainable fashion.

Anushka Sharma

fashion5 World Environment Day 2022 sustainable fashion alia shraddha dia

The jumpsuit is ready to serve chic with purpose. Now, that’s the goal! The mother of one child rocked the one-piece Nimish Shah creation under the Shift brand. Guided by an environmentally friendly approach, this brand is advancing in sustainable fashion. This khaki baggy jumpsuit also had a built-in strap and was paired with suede shoes.

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