‘Wordle green’ fashion shopping to show your love for the hit game 2022

'Wordle green' fashion shopping to show your love for the hit game 2022

The word green is like lime and olive having a child, embracing warm tones and a bright feeling

On your bingo card “things that will happen in 2022.” we can’t imagine that a hitherto unknown play on words has become a cultural phenomenon.

Wordle was released in October last year, with 90 players a day in the millions in a few weeks. The game was such a success that its creator, Josh Wardle, sold it to The New York Times, and it continues the trend on Twitter as people share their results.

Amid the frightening news from around the world that reached us 24/7, Wordle was a haven of normalcy for many.

With just one game a day, there’s no pressure to always be ‘on’, and the fact that everyone gets the same answer means it’s ripe for a carefree chat in the water cooler (both online and in real life).

Useful entertainment has not only filled our Twitter feeds with square emoticons – it is also creeping into our closets.

‘Wordle green’ is the latest shade that is rushing into the fashion world, putting patterns on the green squares in the game.

It is the latest in a series of green shows and collections on the catwalk, with ‘Kermit green and rich khaki shades that dominate equally in top boutiques and on the main streets.

If you are not familiar with Wordle Green through the diligent construction of a series of victories, it is somewhere between sour lime and olive, with mild warm shades, but of a lighter quality than more brownish shades.

Although it is close to the middle on a scale from light to dark green, there is room for change in how you interpret Wordle green based on what best suits your style and color.

Even with solid color clothing, you ideally want to embrace different tonal elements – giving you a decent amount of freedom until Wordle publishes a clothing line that matches exactly.

Like a hit game, the beauty of color is its simplicity. It may be crazy right now, but you will be able to wear grass-green pieces with anything in your wardrobe long after the trend passes.

We rounded out our favorite high street fashion in a versatile spring shade, so you can show off your spelling skills with a subtle nod of your head – at least hopefully more subtle than the Wordle boasts on social media.

Oversize wool coat

A good wool coat in a unique shade will always be a basic element in the wardrobe (Image: Mango)

Buy for £ 179.99 from Mango.

Topshop crocheted bag in green

If you skip plastic bags and use them to buy groceries, you are green in many ways (Image: Asos)

Buy for £ 22 from Asos.

Green Huggie Stacker Set

Add a hint of green with delicate jewelry (Picture: Bijoux De Mimi)

Buy for £ 46 from Bijoux De Mimi.

Custom knitted T-shirt in ribs

Wear a sweater vest with a print or over a polo neck when it’s cold (Picture: and other stories)

Buy for £ 65 from & Other Stories.

Overalls with a cut on the knot

This gets a triple rating from us … yes, we know it’s Scrabble (Image: Mango)

Buy for £ 59.99 from Mango.

Midi dress with plain buttons with straps

Made of loose canvas, this Wordle green dress works no matter the weather (Image: SilkFred)

Buy for £ 35 from SilkFred.

Essence Standard Sweater

Those with paler skin tones may find that a slightly darker shade better emphasizes their features (Image: Weekdays)

Shop for £ 25 from day to week.

La Veste deep green pants

A high pocket on them will make your butt look super lively (Picture: La Veste)

Buy for € 130 (£ 109) from La Veste.

Green hat

Bright green goes well with pink and orange, but also with other shades of bright green (Image: Monki)

Buy for £ 15 from Monkey.

Knitted sweater with a knitted neckline

Green evokes a feeling of calm, but it also looks great as a knitwear (Image: Superdry)

Buy for £ 44.99 from Superdry.

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