Woolrich combines his love of fashion with his love of nature for the spring / summer 2023 collection.

Nature and fashion combine for an extraordinary look.

Nature and fashion combine for an extraordinary look.

Rooted in Woolrich’s legacy is a love of nature. The Spring / Summer 2023 collection expands the American lifestyle that defines the brand. Modern perspectives of versatility, design and authenticity come together to bring the heritage and archive of the brand to the present day.

Three stories come to life for the collection. The Pennsylvania Walk, American Road Trip and Lakeside Summer show the flow from pre-spring to peak summer. The Pennsylvanian Walk is the first fall of the season. She shares the story of Americana through a romantic, younger and more modern perspective. The use of conscious materials and natural colors promotes an ecological focus that fits in with modern trends. Floral plaid quilts and patterns inspired by mountain laurel, the national flower of Pennsylvania, add playful elements.

The Aleutian vest inspires the design for the Pennsylvanian Walk. Eco Taslan Nylon makes a vest and employs a person responsible for insulation and protection from the cold. Reimagined Iconic Flannels, a specially stitched flannel T-shirt with a plaid, have been revived with patchwork to counteract the colorful pattern. Provides a youthful and fresh look to a classic base piece. The Pennsylvania quilted vest uses floral and plaid patterns to create a special seasonal feel. The Pennsylvania Walks collection is rounded off by the Eco Aleutian Jacket. Equipped with water-repellent properties, the silhouette buffer and detachable hood provide additional coverage when exploring outdoors.

For Fall 2, American Road Trip embodies the energy of great nature and adventure. Rough natural and vivid colors combine to create a color scheme for urban and natural landscapes. Colorful patterns and camouflage prints bring archival pieces back to life. Highlights of the season include the Utility Jacket and Micro Camo jacket. Cotton nylon gives the Utility jacket a comfortable and modern cut. Patch [ockets, a detachable hood, and water repellent qualities give this jacket a refined twist on performance. The Micro Camo Jacket takes a modern approach with its short length and camo print, making it perfect for city life.

The last fall is formed in Lakeside Summer. This capsule embodies the brand’s heritage taking inspiration from Woolrich Lodge on Zavikon Island. Kayaking and fishing lifestyle on the island help create a summer mood on the shores of the lake. Natural cotton and linen, and unique patterns add flair and return a sense of nature to clothing. Highlights from the fall include Summer Bomber, Printer Poplin Dress and Eco Crusier Field Jacket.

Spring / Summer 2023 provides the perfect adventure wardrobe while showcasing the designs that define Woolrich.

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