What would the naked royal family look like while Prince William ‘wants Andrew out’

The royal family seems to be entering a new era, as Prince Charles begins to take on more and more responsibilities, and his queen mother appears less and less in public.

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Prince William, second in line to the throne, wants his uncle Prince Andrew to ‘disappear from the public’, claims an expert witness.

Prince Andrew, Duke of York, deviated from his royal duties thanks his Virginia Giuffre scandal but now it seems to be not enough for William’s nephew.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the insider said Andrew’s “insistence on trying to grab a public role is very dangerous for the institution” and that William has “strong views” on the issue.

A friend said William would “cut [Andrew] lost long ago that it was on him. “

“He understands that when it comes to mother and son, the situation is complicated, but I honestly think he would just like it to disappear from the public eye.”

But in the central part of the family, William is not the only one who wants to change the shape and size of the monarchy.

His father, Charles, has been talking about the naked version of the family for years, but what would it look like?

Charles and William reportedly told the Queen that they were concerned about the public reaction if Andrew returned to the royal duties


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What would a naked royal family look like?

Prince Charles might want to deter many members of the royal family


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Charles, Prince of Wales, is believed to have been interested in a reduced monarchy for some time.

The 73-year-old heir to the throne has taken greater responsibility on his shoulders as his mother the queen (96) “starts to slow down” and now the focus is on how the famous family could look with him at the helm.

At the time of writing, the Royal Family website featured the 16 highest members of the Royal Family.

However, Insider reports that Charles plans to reduce that number to approximately eight.

All eight of these members would be senior members of the royal family.

According to The Times, one of the key reasons for this would be to protect the reputation of the family. Multiple press offices of different parts of the family are free to work as they wish, which makes facing challenges such as scandals far more difficult.

Running the royal family is also expensive. By reducing the number of people working, the monarchy would also reduce the number of people it needs to survive through the Suvereign Grant, a public fund that supports royal families.

Charles and his son William are the future of the royal family

In September 2020. Forbes and BBC reported that the family could end up around £ 35 million due to the pandemic.

An insider reports that, originally, Charles’ lineup included Princes Philip and Harry. Philip retired in 2017 before sadly dying four years later in 2021.

Harry, meanwhile, retired from public life in 2020 by moving to California with his wife Meghan Markle.

Speaking to the publication, royal commentator Kinsey Schofield said the new family model was likely to focus on the Queen, Prince Charles, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Edward and Sophie, Countess of Wessex and Duchess of Cornwall and Anne, Princess Royal.

“Although they are all individuals who will represent the crown in the future, I think Charles will try to draw attention to himself, Camilla and the Cambridge family as the future of the monarchy,” she added.

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