What is “Golfcore” aesthetics and why is it everywhere?

Classic tailored polo will never go out of fashion (example: Audrey Hepburn). But if you suddenly notice sports polo, shorts, pleated dresses and moccasins everywhere, no, you are not stuck in a whirlwind of a country club. A casual yet ready aesthetic called “golfcore” has a big moment. As the country prepares for one of the biggest golf events of the year, the US Open, which takes place June 16-19, here’s everything you need to know about the aesthetics of golf sails.

What is Golfcore?

Think of golf as a more elegant version of leisure time: tailored pants and shorts, collared tops, cardigans, dresses with wide skirts, well-tailored popper jackets and fringed slip-ons. With such sleek and comfortable pieces — designed for anyone on the go — you can get dressed once to easily go from office to cocktail party if you want. The point is that these styles are elegant but casual and made to suit an active lifestyle. It’s up to you whether you really plan to get into them.

“Golf clubs usually have dress codes, so it’s actually about finding materials, cuts and styles that fit into that code as they blend in with other current trends around American sportswear,” says Noah Zagor, senior menswear editor at the company. forecasting WGSN trends.

Although golfcore has been a popular word only recently, its roots go back to the very beginning of the athleisure movement with brands like Lululemon. It’s an updated, upgraded look that seems sublime enough to wear all day.

“For many style enthusiasts, they wear black leggings and sleeveless shirts [doesn’t] feel chic enough to call it an ‘outfit’ unless you’re going to the gym, ”says Caroline Bramlett, a fashion expert and blogger from Palm Beach. “New golfcore brands have taken the same athletic fabrics and created beautiful tailored, collars and printed designs that are completely something [you can] to wear out confidently. ”

Why is Golfcore aesthetics in trend right now?

“During the pandemic, we became so relaxed,” said Catherine Way, founder of her eponymous women’s clothing brand. “Golf clothes are now so accepted in the workforce because it’s easy.” Anyone between the ages of 25 and 85 can easily perform this look, she added. And since many pieces, from tops to dresses, have a traditional V-neck, they are almost universally flattering. Katherine Way’s clothing line, which is among the best-selling golf dresses and her popular “no-roll” pants with a belt, had a record year. “Golf started to sell extremely well during the pandemic, and it continues,” says Wei.

The rise of the golf course may have something to do with the constant growth of the game itself, which – as one of the few sports that requires little interaction and is completely outdoors – flourished during the pandemic and continues to grow. A record 3.2 million Americans played golf on the court for the first time in 2021, according to the National Golf Foundation, and more than a third of novice players are women.

“Golfcore is a reimagining of golf clothing that genuinely values ​​golf while at the same time undermining many established notions of who can play golf and what they should wear while playing,” says Zagor.

How to achieve golf aesthetics

For women, dresses are a key part of the golfcore trend, especially with one distinctive feature: pockets. There are pockets on the track necessary for storing T-shirts, ball markers, beauty repair tools and golf balls. Off-course, they’re equally practical for hiding phones, lipstick, mint, whatever, Way says.

If skirts are more your style, you’re in luck. “The easiest way to achieve the golfcore look trend is to pair a pleated white skirt with a polo shirt with a collar, line a sweater over the top or slip it over your shoulders, and finish the look with a pair of white sneakers,” Bramlett says. “This look has always been a classic in areas like Palm Beach, and now you too [see people] across the US in this casual and chic style. ”

Don’t forget the extras. At a recent fashion show in Savannah, Georgia, Way says the models adorned their golf look with heavy gold bracelets and necklaces. And you can’t go wrong with the OG country club accessory: a fine strand of pearls.

An added benefit of swinging golfcore clothing? Many brands produce pieces that wick away moisture and protect from the sun (with UPF 50+), which makes them a cool and comfortable option for the summer months.

Book our 10 favorite brands, from clothes to shoes to accessories, with the perfect pieces to help you get a golfcore look.

This modern golf clothing brand known for its colorful men’s polo shirts has launched its first collection of women’s clothing this spring. Dressy dresses like Lacey sleeveless dress they are easy to pull in, but they are elegant enough to go out on the town.


Byrdie Golf Social Wear

The Charlotte-based brand describes its clothing as “social clothing,” and we must admit, green plaid Kitty Pants they are too chic to stick to greenery. Pair these wide socks, vintage inspired cigarettes with Cynthia button down for a drink on the terrace after the round. The brand also offers a line of golf clothing made from Liberty London fabrics.

There is no period of burglary here: you will walk on waterways in constant comfort in this London line without spikes Grace moccasins, which can be worn just as easily as casual footwear. Changeable tassels are a nice touch that allows you to match your strokes with your clothes – an essential move of the golf crust.

It was started by Cheryl Singer in 1974 after all her friends envied her handmade denim tennis skirt, Tail is still in trend. Mark bold golf dresses are the best sellers, and has launched a new line for active women (including golfers) with pieces like this pleated collar Condoleeza sweater.

Also available through Dick’s Sporting Goods, this line of golf sportswear is filled with V-neck pieces polo sweater which can be easily styled with a pleated golf skirt or jeans. “We wanted our athlete to be able to walk off the track without looking like that,” said Mary Parker, designer of Calie.

Women’s golf sportswear also includes a lacquer to wear club dresses i elegant pants which at the same time drain moisture, ultra flattering and equipped with functional pockets, while striped pop-over goes with any outfit for cool days.

Designed by women, for women, these tailored collections were born out of founder Katie Byrnes ’desire to inspire more women to play golf. Buy appropriate polo shorts with fun prints that wick away moisture yellow plaid or green gingham to get inspiration to make it.

A golf watch has never been so chic. Tag Heuer’s Caliber E4-Golf Edition will help you track every hit via the smartphone app, save your score digitally, and even map hazards and distances so you know where to place your next hit. Bonus: It has a built-in ball marker, so you will never lose yours again.

Classic golf clubs i dresses updated with feminine details like pleated collars and buttons with gold roses are too beautiful to keep in the closet. Available in XXS to 2X and in a growing range of patterns and colors, they are designed to help women of all sizes feel comfortable and confident on the track.

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