What Garrick Merrifield is planning ahead of his wife’s sister search, season 4

Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield return in search of their sister’s wife. Find out what the controversial cast member Garrick Merrifield is doing.

Garrick Merrifield is known for many things, but for what he is I’m looking for my sister’s wife the fan favorite isn’t one of them, and it’s time to talk about what he did ahead of the upcoming season. During season 3 reality show TLC series, the audience watched him divorce Dannielle Merrifield, his wife of more than a decade, in order to marry their potential sister-wife, Robert Rodrigues. This would allow Roberta to obtain a K1 visa and move from Brazil to America, where she could be part of a plural marriage with them. It was clear to viewers that Dannielle had reservations about this arrangement, which Garrick ignored. However, despite the feelings of the fans towards him (or maybe because of them), the Merrifields will return in the fourth season.


There has been much speculation over the past year that Garrick and Dannielle will divorce, but Dannielle recently confirmed that the two are still together. Trailers for upcoming I’m looking for my sister’s wife season they discover that the couple is still together, and Roberta remains connected to Garrick. Examinations suggest that there may be a third potential female sister. With so many questions raised by these clips, viewers were curious about what Garrick was doing before Season 4.

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The finale of the third season revealed the approval of Robertina K1 Visa. That particular visa did not guarantee her permanent residence in the United States, but regardless of that, Garrick was determined to start a family with her. Since then, Roberta has been able to stay with the Merrifields in America. Her language barrier did not seem to cause much pressure her relationship with Garrick. Daniela’s Instagram is flooded with posts featuring the couple in endearing poses, spending time with Garrick and Danielle’s two sons or on vacation together. For now, it seems that the two of them are not pregnant.

Garrick Merrifield bought the property

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In the spring of 2020, Garrick, who owns a house and landscaping, bought two acres of land in Buena Vista. Colorado. Despite filing for divorce last November, DannielleThat fall, the name was added to the title deed. The couple submitted plans to build a 3,900-square-meter house on the land. They also submitted permits for the construction of a 1,020-square-meter garage and asphalting the driveway. There was no news about the progress of construction works, nor about who will live on the property. However, there is reason to believe it the performer turned I’m looking for my sister’s wife star makes room for a larger family.

Garrick Merrifield focused on parenting

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Ever since fans last saw him, Garrick seems to have spent a lot of time with his sons Geremiah and Solomon. The two boys he shares with Dannielle are his top priority, and are featured all over his Instagram. Like most parents, she tries to spend as many moments with her children as possible before they grow up and leave home. Garrick posted photos of the three of them engaging in a variety of activities, from tackling rope trails to playing football to enjoying miniature golf.

Fans are excited about new season from I’m looking for my sister’s wifewhat will premieres June 6 at 10:00 PM EST on TLC. Fans may not be thrilled to see Garrick again, but they are definitely curious how things will unfold in this new dynamic between Garrick, Danniella and Roberta, and maybe someone else.

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