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VVHS students are having a good time together at their annual Winter Formal Dance held at The Rising Star Ranch on Saturday night. A week of fun activities at the school ended with dancing. PHOTO CALLA HAVILAND / The Progress

Last week was filled with school tradition as Virgin Valley High School held its winter festivities. The week was full of many activities and games to keep the students entertained and involved. And the whole week culminated in the annual winter formal dance held on Saturday night at the Rising Star Resort.

The theme for the week, as well as for the dance, was “Bad and Boujee” and there were dressing days throughout the week that accompanied this theme.

Monday’s grooming day was the Red Carpet Rumors. For this dress day, everyone wore red shirts and printed their red flag on them. In addition to this day of dressing, Piñata was also in the quad during the eating break. This activity was very well attended and the students had a lot of fun.

Tuesday’s dress day was Black Tie Tuesday. This day of dressing included everyone who elegantly dressed up and wore luxury accessories. During the nutrition break, a quad fashion show was held where students could show off their attire.

Wednesday’s grooming day was called “Beauty Rest” and everyone wore pajamas to school. Breakfast cereals were shared in a quad to anyone who wanted it. This was a favorite of many students, including VVHS senior Madison Marshall
“I really enjoyed the theme of luxury,” Marshall said. “And I honestly think it was really smart that they could sneak into a pajama day by calling it a ‘beauty holiday.'”

Thursday was a tense day of the week. The day of dressing was “Trillion Thursday” and everyone dressed in green. There was also candy in the quad during the eating break.

Along with that activity, the Bulldogs fought in the afternoon against their rival MVHS team in Flag Football, and in the evening against the boys and girls. It was a great show from the fans until these games.

Friday’s dressing day was “Famous Friday”. The students had to dress like a celebrity. Also during the nutrition break, a ‘Guess Who’ game was held where students could try to guess who the people were trained.

Finally, the Winter Formal Dance rounded off a week of festivities on Saturday night. It was played from 19:00 to 22:00. A lot of people showed up and had fun with all their friends.

Jocelyn Spilker, a senior in Virgin Valley, loved seeing her friends at the dance. “I loved getting an excuse to get super dressed and have fun dancing with my favorite people!” she said.

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