Wedding dresses for girls 2021: The best style tips for brides of larger sizes

Wedding dresses for girls 2021: After what seemed like a busy year in the face of a pandemic, consumer sentiment looks positive ahead of the wedding season. As brides switch to the way of shopping for a wedding, for the plus-size section, the outfit becomes less fashionable with a more disgusting design. Lack of style is an indication that you need to be in the plus-size part of the store. Women of larger sizes do not want brands to simply add extra fabric to a design made for the right size and label it as a plus size, but designs that are well made for them. They require equally high-quality design and prices for larger clothes.Read also – Viral video: Bride’s sister dances with Chunari Chunari during Sangeet night, Netizens showers love | Look

Small brands in India serve only plus-size in ethnic clothing. Such brands are increasingly understanding the problem and solving it, but it will take some time to reach the masses. We spoke with Somy Sharma, fashion designer, founder and brand strategist Not size zero, who said: “Indian clothing has unlimited choices for every event, a little research can give you a number of recent trends.” She continued to say: “Even basic clothing combinations such as kurta and leggings can be complemented with accessories such as wedges, neck straps. So, go into your wardrobe and put on the funniest clothes and take advantage of this season. ” Check out these top plus-size style tips from Somya: Read also – Viral video: The bride enters with Swag, drives a tractor to the wedding venue | Look

Go to indo-western with jacket: This outfit is an ideal combination of western and indian outfits. Try on this cutest outfit this season to get a stunning look. The posh and popular pair of jacket suits is truly delightful and a must try on. These outfits ensure elegance and style at a colorful wedding. Read also – Get ready for the biggest fashion deal in India; Myntra ‘End of Reason Sale’ starts on June 11th

Blind yourself with Chicken Curry: In case you are looking for comfort, go with designer Chicken Curry. It is an ideal combination of style and lightness. Chicken curry gives a delicious and radiant look to this happy season. If you are not someone who likes heavy ethno clothes, Chicken Curry Kurti fashion straight may be the most ideal choice for you.

Select Sassy Saree: Saree is an exemplary Indian outfit. The scene of conventional ethno clothing would not be the same without it, and no holiday season is over without this timeless style. An intense but delicious, brocade cheeky sari will make you do your best for this wedding season.

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