Watch: Katy Perry pelts patrons with pepperoni pizza in Las Vegas nightclub and units web alight

Pop princess Katy Perry has lengthy been identified for her food-focused movie clips – simply assume California Gurls, Bon Appetit and even her profitable collab with MenuLog – however the megastar took it to a brand new stage IRL at a Las Vegas nightclub as she bizarrely pelted patrons with pepperoni pizza from behind the DJ decks.

Regardless of one member of the group reporting that the slices largely ended up on the ground, the web has nonetheless been set alight by jealous followers demanding that she ought to hurl pizza at them too.

Watch the video above to see Perry’s pizza flinging method

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The Roar singer was initially filmed behind the decks opening the massive field of pizza in entrance of the screaming crowd.

“It appeared like she was going to eat the pizza,” stated Amanda Kurth, a patron who recorded the pizza toss.

“However somebody subsequent to us yelled ‘hey, we wish pizza!’.

“I don’t assume anybody caught a chunk … however there was fairly a couple of on the bottom.”

Katy shocked patrons of a Las Vegas nightclub greater than as soon as when she dropped in over the weekend after which started flinging pizza into the group. Credit score: Twitter

The singer grabbed a slice with each fingers at one level, jiggling them round to the music earlier than throwing them right into a crowd of excited patrons doing their finest to snag the flying meals out of the air.

“There was a few guys attempting to catch them of their mouths,” Kurth stated.

Perry retweeted the footage, writing: “A mom feeding her kids.”

The footage shortly set the web alight as followers grew to become obsessive about the transfer.

“Katy Perry throw a pizza at me,” one consumer wrote on Twitter, including to a refrain of comparable statements.

“We’re seeing Katy Perry in live performance on Saturday. If she DOESN’T throw pizza at us I’m asking for a refund,” one other wrote.

“Feeding us via her music and LITERALLY,” one other wrote.

“Katy Perry throwing that pizza is lowkey a vibe,” one other wrote.

“’Are you sporting th-’ ‘The pizza slice from Katy Perry’s DJ set? Yeah, I’m’,” one other consumer wrote.

Nonetheless, there have been loads on-line who had been rather less impressed by the greasy stunt.

“The considered having Katy Perry smack me with a slice of pizza by no means occurred to me … I wouldn’t eat it although,” one consumer wrote.

“If Katy Perry threw a pizza at me I’d sue her ass,” one other wrote.

“Katy Perry throwing pizza at individuals within the membership is most chaotic factor I’ve seen all month,” one other wrote.

“I’d be pissed if Katy Perry threw a chunk of pizza at me,” one other wrote.

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Katy Perry caught throwing pizza in a nightclub.

Katy Perry caught throwing pizza in a nightclub.

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