Viewers of the One Show criticize the ‘awkward’ interview with Mr Bean star Rowan Atkinson

Viewers of the One Show were not happy when Mr Bean actor Rowan Atkinson sat down to talk on the show last night with Top Gear host Chris Harris.

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Rowan Atkinson on how his Netflix series compares to Mr Bean

The spectators slammed The One Show for his “awkward” exchange with the Blackadder star Rowan Atkinson.

Actor Mr Bean, 67, was on the film BBC a program to promote his new one Netflix gig Man vs Bee, but fans attacked Twitter claiming he had not been given time to speak.

The much-loved artist was on the show along with Top Gear presenter Chris Harris, but fans of the program criticized presenters Jermaine Jenas and Angela Scanlon for the interview, calling it “awkward.”

One tweeted, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more embarrassing guest than Rowan Atkinson. The introvert is coming out, obviously not an experience he’s enjoying. #TheOneShow.”

Another was angry: “Lost! You had the amazing, talented Rowan Atkinson in the studio and you barely talked to him, and when you did, you quickly cut him off! C ** P presentation.”

Rowan’s interview was criticized by One Show fans



A third said: “@JohnKeeno wrote:” You have Rowan Atkinson. TALK TO HIM !! “”

As the fourth thought, “#TheOneShow is pointless to catch Rowan Atkinson if you ask him a question and then keep trying to silence him!” @kjgodwin wrote: “Please bring more professional presenters… this is so inconvenient #theoneshow.”

However, another viewer was more impressed with the exchange, tweeting, “Rowan Atkinson is so fascinating.”

The Mirror contacted the BBC for comment.

Rowan’s new show was created by actor and Will Davies – producer with whom he worked on the Johnny English franchise

Man Vs Bee described the streaming giant as a “buzular comedy” and the father of two plays the unfortunate father Trevor Bingley.

Viewers criticized the hosts for not letting the stars speak



The nine-part series consists of 10-minute episodes, making it perfect for “bing-watching,” Rowan believes.

“It’s mostly visual because it’s just Trevor in the house with the bee – and the bee doesn’t speak,” he explained.

“I liked playing him because he’s a really cute, genuinely good-natured man.”

Rowan was on the show to talk about his last role in the film Man Vs Bee



“” He has his problems and problems. He is not a perfect person and the real problem he has is his obsession. “

Rowan is adored by fans around the world for his brilliant portrait of the clumsy Briton Mr Bean.

The smash-hit show was a global success which made the actor a star overnight.

Comparing the character to his new role as Trevor, he said: “Trevor Bingley is a much nicer man than Mr. Bean, who is really a pretty nasty piece. Egocentric, complacent, a born anarchist.”

The One Show airs on weekdays at 7 p.m.

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