Victoria Beckham Resort collection 2023

When Victoria Beckham was a girl in the 1980s, the craft skills of her mother’s friend Francis were talked about in Hertfordshire. “She made these flowers out of small pieces of metal and then covered them with tights to create these funny little flowers. She was the same friend of my mother who gave me her empty Chanel bottles, ”Beckham recalled during a meeting at her Hammersmith studio. “It was Frances.”

She wasn’t sure if her last name should be mentioned – “I don’t know if she’s ready for the paparazzi in front of her house” – but iterations on Francesca’s flowers played a key role in Beckham’s perhaps most glamorous collection ever. This may sound unexpected for the previous collection, but since the pandemic, Beckham has worked hard to rebuild her brand’s infrastructure. After merging her two lines and lowering her price, she curated a new team of designers and collaborators and perfected her message. Now she is ready to step it up.

The result was obvious: a sexy, cinematic offer of skimpy, tight dresses in lingerie, architecturally intertwined numbers on a jersey, louche blouses and silk suits, and sensational secret agent coats worthy of an erotic French film. She painted everything in Guy Bourdin’s emerald color, pink lipstick and champagne, and supported her elongated silhouette of glamor with lycra-thigh boots – decorated with pictures of Francesca’s flowers. “There’s something deliciously eccentric about it,” she smiled mischievously, comparing her wardrobe to Lauren Hutton’s American Gigolo.

There is room for eccentricity in the UK. While Brand Beckham is a well-run ship, she grows into the British eccentricity that is inevitable for a lady of her status, and this collection had the splendor that the task requires: Fa-bu-lous. This is probably because you could feel Beckham’s essential personality in this outfit. Staring intensely at a pair of shiny green disco pants, she said they were the realization of a teenage dream. Cut to Hertfordshire from the 1980s…

“I was probably ten years old. I was crazy about him Mast, and this other friend of my mom’s promised to buy me black satin pants that Olivia Newton John wears in the end. But this woman never gave me those pants. “From that moment on, I knew that I would never promise a child something that you would not fulfill, because from then until now I should have created those damn pants myself,” she said, even if her braver adults went green with green over black.

“At first I thought, ‘Oh my God, that’s questionable.’ But now he is one of my favorites, ”added Beckham. “During the pandemic, we had to keep in mind that things had to come from a more commercial point of view. Now I feel like I’ve gotten out of my comfort zone with this collection. It’s been a long time since I’ve had the confidence to do that. I feel that my self-confidence has returned because my team and studio feel safe. I feel like the beginning of a new chapter. ”

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