Unimpressed queen invaluable reaction when Prince Charles called her ‘mom’

Prince Charles delighted fans when he called the Queen ‘mom’ during a touching speech to end the platinum jubilee party at the Palace

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Queen’s hilarious reaction to being called ‘mom’

Prince Charles delighted the royal benefactors when he called the queen “mammy” during a touching speech at a stunned concert to celebrate the platinum jubilee.

The heir to the throne joined the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis and the Tyndals to watch the BBC’s party at the Palace.

Closing the evening party, which included performances by Sir Elton John, Diane Ross, Sir Rod Stewart, Alicie Keys and Duran Duran, he thanked Monarch for her 70 years of service.

He said, “Your Majesty, Mom. You have been with us in our difficult times. And you bring us together to celebrate moments of pride, joy and happiness. You met us and talked to us. You are laughing and crying with us and, most importantly, you have been there for us, for these 70 years. “

Far from being the first time Charles used that kind expression for his mother in public, including at a Diamond Jubilee concert.

But perhaps the most iconic occasion was when he called her ‘mom’ in 2018 during her 92nd birthday celebration at the Royal Albert Hall – and it all came down to her reaction.

A concert with the stars was held at the Royal Albert Hall to celebrate the Queen’s 92nd birthday



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Starting his speech, he said “Your Majesty, Mom” ​​again with a standing ovation and applause from the audience.

The queen, who stood beside him on stage dressed in a stunning yellow dress with a pearl necklace, could be seen rolling her eyes toward the ceiling before smiling.

The monarch was joined at the event by other members of her family, including Prince William, Sophie Wessex and Princess Beatrice – and all were seen laughing.

Happy life full of love


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Getty / BBC)

Prince Philip he also paid tribute to his father, Prince Philip, during his platinum jubilee speech.

He said: “You have promised to serve your whole life – you continue to provide. That’s why we’re here. That is what we are celebrating tonight.

“The scale of tonight’s celebration – and the outpouring of warmth and affection throughout this jubilee weekend – is our way of thanking you – from your family, your country, the Commonwealth, in fact the whole world.

“On behalf of all of us, I wanted to pay tribute to your lifetime of selfless service.

“Your family now includes four generations. You are our head of state. And you are our mother. ”

Charles gave a touching speech during the platinum jubilee celebration


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The royal members were in power for the entertainment in the palace


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The Duke of Cambridge also took the stage and welcomed the platinum jubilee concert full of “optimism and joy” while praising the Queen for her “hope” for the future of the planet.

He received loud cheering from the audience when he mentioned that the queen was almost 100 years old and that she had undergone great technological changes during her life.

The Queen delighted fans during the evening with a comic surprise sketch with Paddington Bear during which she revealed that she shares his love for jam sandwiches.

After enjoying a somewhat disastrous afternoon tea, the beloved bear offered Monarch a sandwich, but said she always kept something for emergencies in her purse.

The head of state and her furry guest presented the introductory act of the Queen by typing their song We Will Rock You on porcelain cups.

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