TV Tonight: Lenny Henry addresses tough questions in new eye-opening series Television

Caribbean Britain Lenny Henry

21:00, BBC two

Lenny Henry’s mother had a simple piece of advice for growing up in Dudley, West Midlands: “You have to integrate.” But during his career, he thought it was getting more complicated. How much did Caribbean heritage artists have to integrate while occupying the central stage? Is it a celebration or a sacrifice? In this two-part, eye-opening piece, Henry explores an explosion of British-Caribbean culture – from calypso music to politically incorrect comedies – with guests including David Harewood and Andy Oliver. Henry Wong

Billie Jean King: Amol Ryan Interviews

19:00, BBC two

Wimbledon and Pride combine in this conversation with the tennis giant and activist. King looks back to his time, during the 1960s and 1970s, as the world’s No. 1 player who was challenged in 1973 to play against a man, Bobby Riggs, who defeated him but was made public in the 1980s – which meant the loss of sponsorship agreements. Hannah Verdier

Glow Up: Britain’s next makeup star

20:00, BBC three

There is pressure in this semi-final as the four remaining make-up artists work behind the scenes at London Fashion Week, preparing models for the runway. There is more room for rebellion in the Creative Brief challenge, when host Maya Jama encourages them to “break the rules”. But surely social standards of beauty are standard for a reason? Ellen E Jones

George Clarke’s quick turn

20:00, Channel 4

What were five short weeks for us, was a year for amateur real estate developers trying to turn £ 100,000 of start-up money into mega profits. With next week’s finals looming, brothers Ricky and Andrew stick to their “spend more, earn more” mantra, while rivals Janet and Olivia seem more frugal. Graeme Virtue

Host Sara Pascoe in The Great British Sewing Bee.
Green fingers? Sara Pascoe in The Great British Sewing Bee. Photo: BBC / Love Productions

Great British sewing bee

21:00, BBC One

The charming separation comes to a semi-final stage with the four remaining seamstresses facing a trio of tasks related to Japan. Their upcycling and origami skills will be tested, but first there is the challenge of wearing a kimono dress that reveals that this minimalist design is devilishly difficult to recreate. GV


21:00, ITV

The top documentary that follows the corrupt staff at the most prestigious hotel in London continues. Beneath the usual layer of unwavering peace lurks tension as Savoy – reopened shortly after – awaits the arrival of incognito hotel inspector and veteran Masked Singer Alan Johnson. GV

Movie selection

Bryan Cranston and Jerry & Marge Go Large.
Life after Cornflakes… Bryan Cranston in Jerry & Marge Go Large. Photo: YouTube / Paramount

Jerry & Marge Go Large (David Frankel, 2022), Paramount +
Bryan Cranston and Annette Bening make a wonderful couple in David Frankel’s comedy drama based on facts. He recently retired after 42 years as an administrator at a cornflakes factory and is afraid of the possibility of his “golden years” when he discovers a hole in the lottery which means he can get a big … very big one. There’s nothing wrong here – unless you count the unbearable Harvard student who has the same idea – just two people who want to reciprocate to their community by including them in the plan while enjoying a belated new life. Simon Wardell

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