How to Make Friends While Traveling

How to make friends while traveling

How to make friends while traveling

This post is about How to make friends while traveling.

If you’re traveling solo, you may be wondering how to meet people on your travels.

Before I quit my job to travel, I didn’t have much experience traveling solo.

Technically, I had moved to Paris when I was twenty years old. to study abroad not knowing a single soul, but that was more living alone than traveling alone, and I quickly met a group of friends at my exchange university with whom I spent the entire semester.

Other than that, my only solo trips were a weekend in Copenhagen, Denmark and five days only in Italy before meeting my friend for the rest of the trip. Both trips were very isolated and I didn’t meet anyone or make any friends during them.

But I knew that when I left my job to travel, I wanted to make friends while traveling!

Fortunately, it worked. I made friends and I had nothing to worry about. And you neither! If you’re wondering how to make friends while traveling, try these five tips…

1. Stay in social shelters.

One of the easiest ways to make friends while traveling solo is to stay in social hostels.

I’m not really a hostel person, but I can’t deny the social benefits! I stayed in the selina hostel in city ​​of Panama and I met a lot of people. I didn’t even stay in a dorm, I had a private room, but hanging out in the common areas and coworking space I instantly met people.

If you’re nervous about talking to people, you can find other people who are alone (rather than approaching a large group that’s already talking). Hostels are known for their social atmosphere and in no time you will make friends. to explore or have a meal with.

2. Follow the backpacker route.

If there’s a “backpacking trail” at your destination, chances are you’ll meet other travelers following it. This can be a popular route or popular activities that all backpackers do.

For example, when I was in Guatemala, I took a nine-hour shuttle from Antigua to Lanquín to visit Semuc Champey. This is a super popular backpacking activity so literally everyone on my transport was doing the same thing and we all ended up talking and hanging out as a group for the next few days once we got there. I even ran into a girl later!

You’ll meet a lot of people going the backpacking route, and this is an especially good option if you want to find people to continue traveling with.

3. Join an activity.

Another great way to make friends while traveling is to join some kind of group activity where you can easily meet people. This worked super well for me!

When I first arrived in Guatemala, I took a month of Spanish classes in Antigua and I met so many people this way! There were many other students in my Spanish school and it was very easy to make friends by chatting during our break or by going to cafes after class.

I kept in touch with some of my friends and met them later when I was back in Guatemala!

Language classes, walking tours, day trips, dance classes… these are just a few examples of activities that you can participate in and where it is easy to meet other travelers.

4. Take a group tour.

I had never done a group tour before until my two week tour of Costa Rica with adventures g.

You can read my full review of that tour and my take on G Adventures right here.

Basically, G Adventures is a group travel company focused on adventure destinations. Due to COVID, it was just me and another girl on my tour (plus our tour guide!), but we became fast friends and we all got along great. It was honestly a great experience.

G Adventures tours typically have between 10 and 20 guests, so it’s easy to make friends!

You can also join group tours that are specifically tailored to your age group, interests, etc. Some group tour companies to consider are G Adventures, Intrepid Travel, and Contiki Tours.

5. Use social networks.

One last way to make friends while traveling is through social media!

There are many Facebook groups for travelers, especially for solo female travelers. You can also find expat/traveller Facebook groups for specific destinations. While I haven’t personally made any friends while traveling this way, I know plenty of people who have made connections this way.

If you don’t know anyone at a destination, this can be a great way to meet friends.

How to make friends while traveling

This post showed you five easy tips on how to make friends while traveling.

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How to make friends while traveling
How to Make Friends While Traveling

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