Can You Bring Candy on a Plane? (Answers for Sweet Tooths)

Can You Bring Candy on a Plane? (Answers for Sweet Tooths)

We lately returned to the UK and stocked up on a few of our favourite treats to take to Australia.

Whereas I did not assume there can be an issue, I did perform some research on the topic as Australian customs is usually a bit humorous about what’s introduced into the nation. Since I’ve a journey weblog, I assumed I might share the analysis with you.

So can you are taking sweet on a aircraft?

Sure, you may take sweet on a aircraft. Stable meals (together with every kind of sweets) are allowed in each carry-on and carry-on baggage. The one limits on this are these associated to the load of your baggage or (in case you are touring internationally) import portions.

Right here I’m sharing my full analysis for all of your sweet associated flight inquiries!

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Can you are taking sweet on a aircraft?

Sure, you may take sweet on a aircraft.

In the event you journey domestically, there are not any limits to touring with sweet, outdoors the load restrict of your suitcase. You possibly can carry sealed or unsealed sweet in each carry-on and checked baggage.

The one restrictions on sweet are prone to come up when touring internationally and are imposed for tax functions on the border.

For instance, if you happen to deliver sweet to Australia is subject to a 10 kg import limit..

However international locations like Great Britain has no limits at all..

Can you are taking gummy candies on a aircraft?

I am undecided why jelly beans are so typically requested about with regards to air journey, maybe as a result of there are issues that it’d really include liquid and due to this fact contravene the 100ml rule or 3.4 oz for carry-on.

Excellent news for all you gummy bear lovers on the market, gummy candies are undoubtedly not thought of liquid, so there are not any restrictions on bringing them on a aircraft, both within the maintain or in carry-on baggage.

Are you able to get opened sweet via airport safety?

Sure, you may cross opened sweet via airport safety.

So long as it is strong meals, whether or not it is open or not makes no distinction to security procedures. Simply be sure you seal the bag if it is in your pocket so if you take your jacket off it does not spill all over the place (though you can also make mates with safety that means!).

Are you able to carry mints on a aircraft?

I am undecided why this got here up so typically, however sure, you may take mints on a aircraft, they’re ruled by the very same rules because the sweet itself.

Why sweet might really be helpful on a aircraft

Eustachian tube

There may very well be a sensible cause for taking sweets with you on a aircraft.

We have now a small tube that connects the again of our eardrums to our nostril and mouth, which known as the Eustachian tube. This helps stability the strain of the air getting into the ear with the air outdoors, which prevents loud sounds from bursting the eardrum.

The issue is that flight is unnatural for people, so the speedy improve in strain when taking off could cause the eardrum to push in, which is why many individuals yawn or open their mouths when planes take off, which opens the Eustachian tube. and balances the strain with somewhat ‘pop’.

Sweets may help this course of, as whereas we suck and chew the sweets, the muscle groups within the higher a part of the throat contract.which may help the highest of the tube open up and proper strain imbalances, good for a younger little one who’s struggling to know why their ears all of a sudden damage.


I hope you discovered this text helpful – it’s included in a sequence of various posts that reply all of the questions on what you may and can’t tackle a aircraft. The complete record is right here, a few of them could also be a bit uncommon for you!

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