37 Beautiful January Bullet Journal Ideas to Inspire You (2022)

37 Beautiful January Bullet Journal Ideas to Inspire You (2022)
January Bullet Journal Ideas credit: @bridgetsjournal

Beautiful January Bullet Journal ideas from around the world.

Are you ready for the new year?

January feels like a new beginning. It’s time to set goals and plan things out for the coming year.

The Bullet journal is a great way to get organized and can serve as a great productivity tool for everyone from students to working professionals to busy moms. And travel bloggers of course!

A bullet journal is a kind of planner where you create entries by writing lists on empty pages, adding drawings or photos on blank pages, or using stickers.

The bullet journal can help you stay organized and track your progress toward your goals. You can use it to create monthly spreads with inspirational quotes or images that will encourage you when times are tough.

Plus, a travel bulletin journal is a fun way to keep track of where you’ve been, organize your itinerary, and manage your travel budget.

This January, get creative and think outside the box to keep up with the resolutions you’ve made for this new year.

I’ve put together this list of January Bullet Journal posts and ideas from artists around the world to inspire you.

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Essential Bullet Journal Supplies

If you’re new to bullet journaling, here are some items you’ll need to get started:

DIARY: hardcover, a blank notebook or journal with dots or a grid (no lines) like this one by Leuchtturm1917.

BLACK MARKERS: A good set of pens for your black lines: the Faber-Castell 8 PITT Artist Pen Set it’s great to start with. And it even comes with some markers!

COLOR HIGHLIGHTS: Quality highlighters in as many different colors as you like! This Zebra Dual Tip Highlighter Set It comes with 25 gorgeous colors that will make your artwork stand out.

RULER: Flexible 6 inch stainless steel ruler with cork on the back.

METAL MARKERS: Lastly, to spice up your January bullet journal, I recommend buy a set of metallic calligraphy markers like this.

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January Bullet Journal Ideas

Without further ado, here are beautiful January bullet journal ideas created by artists from around the world:

1. Plants and new beginnings

Totally Adorable Plant-Inspired January Bujo Theme by Fiona Cates (@fionacatecreates), a hand lettering artist from the UK.

January Bullet Journal Ideas credit: @fionacatecreates

2. Sweet dreams with bunnies

Ring in the new year with this “Sweet Dreams with Bunnies” bullet journal from Lena (@len.journals)a student from Belgium.

January Bullet Journal Ideas Credit: @.len.journals

3. Vibrant January

I love the energy that the bold and vibrant colors in this bullet journal bring to January! The theme was inspired by the muralist Steffi Lynn (@steffilynn) and created by Kiersten (@kesysbujo), American artist.

January Bullet Journal Ideas credit:@kesysbujo

4. A new chapter

This charming book-themed watercolor bullet journal combines two of my favorite things: books and abstract art. by Elena (@ohnoelbujo) from Spain.

January Bullet Journal Ideas credit: @ohnoelbujo

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5. J is for jellyfish

This high-contrast jellyfish design is another great concept from Kiersten (@kesysbujo) from United States.

January Bullet Journal Ideas credit: @kesysbujo

6. Purrrrperfect Bullet Journal for January

Minimalist cat-inspired January bullet journal by Soph (@bujoshawty), a “casual bullet journalist”.

January Bullet Journal Ideas credit: @bujoshawty

7. Bright New Year

This January newsletter from Jess Yuna (@byjessjournals) from Los Angeles, California, is the spark we need to ring in the new year.

 January Bullet Journal Ideas
January Bullet Journal Ideas credit: @byjessjournals

8. Obsession with sushi

I’m just obsessed with this January sushi bullet journal put out by Marta (@its_marta_bujo). I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the new year.

credit: @its_marta_bujo

9. Board games

Super creative and beautiful January bujo inspired by board games like Scrabble and chess. Created by Tory (@creativmindscoffeegrinds), a kindergarten teacher from the United States.

credit: @creativmindscoffeegrinds

10. Books, books and more books

There’s nothing better than curling up by the fire with a book in winter. So if you love to read as much as I do, you’ll love this issue from Anna’s January Bullet Journal (@annasphere) from Germany.

credit: @annasphere

11. Shoot for the stars

I give this galactic-themed January bujo by Joo five stars (@would_you_bullet) from Algeria.

credit: @would_you_bullet

12. Snowball

Charming snow globe inspired bullet journal theme by Larissa, (@bujobylarissa), an American student.

credit: at @bujobylar

13. Harry Potter Bullet Journal Spell

We can all use a little magic in January! I couldn’t get past this Harry Potter Bullet Journal design by Kira (@mrsk_plans) from Alberta, Canada.

credit: @mrsk_plans

14. Bujo Polar Bear

You have to admire the craftsmanship of this minimalist journal with a polar bear theme. Created by Lou Lacoste (@lou.lacoste) from Belgium.

credit: @lou.lacoste

15. Missing Friends

The iconic purple door in this January Bullet Journal issue says it all. This Friends track is another fantastic concept from Tory (@creativmindscoffeegrinds) from United States.

credit: @creativmindscoffeegrinds

16. Coffee Kick

Who could use a caffeine boost to start the year off? This coffee-inspired January bullet journal idea is another one of my favorites forTory (@creativmindscoffeegrinds) From United States.

credit: @creativmindscoffeegrinds

17. washi tape

What a classy way to start the year. I love the style of this watercolor bujo created by Cristina (@crinspire) from Spain.

credit: @crinspire

18. Penguin Vacation

Simply Adorable Penguin-Inspired January Bullet Journal Theme by @leftartlover.

credit: @leftartlover

19. It’s the little things

There is something very comforting in this song from January by Rijoy (@rijoy.journal) from Indonesian.

credit: @rijoy.journal

20. Winter Wonderland

Here’s an example of an absolutely lovely winter wonderland idea to start your bullet journaling year! This is from Marie (@metro_boulot_bujo) from France.

credit: @metro_boulot_bujo

21. New Years Resolutions

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, I bet ‘eat better’ is one of the most popular. So this adorable bullet journal idea from @doodlesbyadreamer it’s a fun reminder to stay on track…or just eat a serving!

22. Space

The simplicity and attention to detail in this black and white space theme is simply stunning. This January Bullet Journal idea is from Rachel (@rach_bujo) From United States.

credit: @rach_bujo

23. Kitchen

This adorable kitchen theme is one of my favorite bullet journal designs of all time! The creator, Uta (@utaisjournaling) from Germany, was inspired by his own kitchen and the result could not have been better. Simply beautiful!

24. Crafty January

nana (@nana_k_bujo) from France created this awesome concept for a winter journal from January. The foxes are such a beautiful touch!

25. Pop in the New Year

Hello January! I love the energy in this festive issue from Francesca’s bullet journal (@framiajournal) from Italy. Grab that Prosecco and let’s go! from Italy

credit: @framiajournal

26. flamingo

Living in Miami, I can certainly appreciate a good Flamingo-themed bullet journal design. This beautiful design is @cin_bujo from France

credit: @cin_bujo

27. The Little Prince

The Little Prince is one of my favorite books. It is about human relationships, love and new experiences. And what better way to start your January bullet journal? This design is by Cass (@cass_afrass_k) From United States.

credit: @cass_afrass_k

28. Coffee and confidence

For coffee lovers, here is another coffee-inspired January theme. I love the style and details of this bullet journal put together by Jocelyn (@jos_artroom) From Hong Kong

29. Ratatouille

And of course, it had to include a Disney-themed bullet journal! This beautiful design by Leana (@bullet.creation.ls) from France captures the essence of the film and sets the perfect tone for the new year ahead.

credit: @bullet.creation.ls

30. honey bee

This bee-themed January bullet journal is all the hype! Created by @diarioburrito from India.

credit: @diarioburrito

31. moon

Another minimalist theme for January, this one inspired by the Moon. Betty (@bujobybetty) from Canada uses only black and white to create stunning spreads for his bullet journal.

credit: @bujobybetty

32. It’s magical!

I love Chiara’s style and various techniques (@chiara.plan.and.create) from Italy used to create the spreads in this mystical theme.

credit: @chiara.plan.and.create

33. Spider-Man

Do not be afraid! Spidey is here! Char Dangerfield (@chardangerfield.art) from Vancouver, Canada used her spidey senses to create this amazing theme for her January bullet journal that is quite different from anything else on this list.

credit: @chardangerfield.art

34. Winter in the Blank

A unique take on Leyre’s winter bullet journal theme (@giira.sool) from Barcelona, ​​Spain. His minimalist illustration, use of white space and limited colors make for a beautiful design.

credit: @giira.sool

35. Tea makes everything better

Another design by Anna (@annasphere) from Germany. This one is inspired by tea! She uses teacups, teapots, and teabags to create the spreads in this lovely January Bullet Journal issue.

credit: @annasphere

36. A Starbucks Summer

Finally, here’s a fun concept from Brazilian artist Miriam (@obujodami). In addition to being a super cute celebration of Starbucks, you have to appreciate the message of summer: when it snows in North America and Europe, it’s summer in South America.

credit: @obujodami

37. Let’s travel

Finally, here’s to a year of many trips and adventures! Alicia (@bridgetsjournal) from Italy created this awesome January theme that reminds me of so many places I’ve traveled to.

credit: @bridgetsjournal

final thoughts

So there you have it: 37 January Bullet Journal ideas to inspire you!

Bullet journaling is a fun way to reduce stress and increase productivity. It’s also a visually pleasing way to take notes and make lists.

The best thing about using a bullet journal, though, is that you can customize it based on your lifestyle and workflow habits. You set the rules and there are no limits to your creativity.

So now that you’ve got plenty of inspiration from bullet journalists around the world, go ahead and try it out in your own January bullet theme!

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