Tori Spelling has a ‘big children’s fever’ amid rumors of Dean McDermott’s Split

Is that a hint? Tori Spelling he may not have celebrated publicly Dean McDermott on Father’s Day – but the actress still shared a special message about her view of the family.

“By chance, I spent Father’s Day with my friend @lancebass and his amazing husband @michaelturchinart and their adorable twins Alexander and Violet. My “do it yourself” diva @ stella_mcdermott08 made Alexander crocheted sandals in less than 2 hours and Violet yours will be ready tomorrow, ”wrote Spelling, 49, a compilation of Instagram photos on Sunday, June 19.“ Happy Father’s Day to all and Lance and Michael have a high fever in babies again ”.”

Eagle-eyed companions noticed that it was Beverly Hills, 90210 alum did not mention McDermott, 55, on social media as part of the holiday. Par share kids Liam, 15, Stella, 14, Hattie, 10, Finn, 9, and Beau, 5. The Slasher alum too son Jack (23) shares with ex-wife Mary Jo Eustace.

Spelling and McDermott, who were married in 2006, are it sparked rumors of separation after they did not publicly admit it their 16th wedding anniversary in May. Earlier, they were silent about the turning point in the relationship in May 2021.

The couple also made headlines when it did Mother, can I sleep with danger? the star’s eye opened she no longer sleeps in the same bed with her husband. “Right now, my kids and dogs are sleeping in my bed,” Spelling said Jeff Lewis during a performance on his radio show in June 2021.

At the time, a native of California attributed the change to McDermott’s work schedule. “Since he left – this is not good, guys – but since he left [and] he was filming in another country for six months, everyone stayed with me, ”she explained, referring to their children together. “So at the moment I still have four in the bedroom with me who have yet to return to their rooms, yes.”

Tori Spelling Jokes about 'Great Child Fever' in the Middle of Dean McDermott Split Rumors 2

Tori Spelling, Finn McDermott, Hattie McDermott, Dean McDermott, Stella McDermott, and Beau McDermott Stewart Cook / Shutterstock

Amid speculation about the breakup, Due South alum noted that he decides not to comment on the status of his marriage. “I’m not answering anymore, you know,” he said in an episode of the Feminine Warrior podcast in September 2021. “It’s just like, ‘OK, if that’s what you want to think, then think about it.’ ”

Earlier this month, the source said Us Weekly this is what Spelling and McDermott’s friends believe they go through a “trial of separation.”

“They are trying to reach her and hear nothing,” the insider said Us o Story Telling authorial communication with your loved ones. “She is no longer involved in social affairs. It seems to be isolating itself. She was so MIA that they were worried about whether something was happening – whether she was having money problems again or she was depressed. “

According to another source, the duo put the idea of ​​divorce “on break” after consideration in the past. “They know that divorce will be expensive and that is not something they want to go through now. They both feel trapped, ”another insider described. “Having children makes it difficult because they don’t want their children to be unhappy, but at the same time, Tori has been unhappy for a long time. They are really still together because of their children. ”

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