THOM is a new hair care brand that promises black women everywhere the best hair to date

Cyndia is a session stylist who worked under Sam McNight and styled her hair for Kendall Jenner, Adwoa Aboah and Michael Coel. However, after years of working with photographers, designers and models, her inspiration for creating a transformative hairstyle did not come from the backstage at a fashion show or in a glam room on set, but from her personal experience, growing up as an African-haired black woman surrounded by other black women. “I am someone who was really intrigued by the scalp care area, but I couldn’t find something that would necessarily match the texture of my hair. I had products that I could use before I washed my hair, but I couldn’t use them again until the next wash, which would be about seven to ten days. “

Paul Scala

This scalp serum is not a regular treatment. The complex formula was created over three years and uses innovative ingredients that the founders of THOM have seen to be effective in skin care, such as squalane, citric acid and black seed oil. They wanted to create an oil-based but non-greasy serum with a low water content to preserve warmth and chemical style while still hydrating.

Cyndia tells us that this super serum will serve people with rich hair texture with the necessary maintenance. “It contains apple stem cells, which are like microbes, gentle enough for the most sensitive scalp, which helps with psoriasis, eczema and hair growth. It also targets many of the most common concerns consumers have with textured hair. So, it’s from itching, dry scalp, to hair loss or thinning. ”

But it doesn’t stop there. The ultimate goal of THOM is to celebrate the best hair trend in the making and constantly changing so far – one radical self-expression – we don’t have to subscribe to any social trends to feel welcome. The brand even plans to launch two more products by the end of the year: a hair cleanser (less shampoo, more cleansing treatments) and a hair mask.

THOM is well on its way to creating that sublime experience that every black woman with curly or afro hair really deserves, and I’m here for that. “We want luxury products that really work and that’s all we care about. We want to shake up the industry! ”

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