The trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard: Heard’s almost impossible return

Amber Heard has a lot more to worry about about how she will pay her $ 10.35 million defamation bill.

After being humiliated in court, Amber Heard is now facing ostracism in Hollywood.

“Has Amber ever really worked in Hollywood?” A Hollywood producer sniffed Page Six.

“What else was she really about?” Aquaman a movie? I don’t think it was ever a very good ticket – Johnny made it interesting. “

Known for her Hitchcock blonde look, Heard was hardly a familiar name when she dated Johnny Depp on set The Rum Diaries in 2011

This week, a jury ruled in Depp’s favor after a six-week worldwide defamation trial – revealing that Heard acted evil when she wrote in 2018. Washington Post an essay on abuse and awarding Depp $ 10 million in damages.

Afterwards, when Depp posted a statement on social media saying the jury had “brought my life back”, celebrities who liked it were Zoe Saldana, Emma Roberts, Gemma Chan, Taika Waititi, Jennifer Aniston, Henry Golding, Riley Keough and LaKeith Stanfield. Hollywood seemed to turn against Heard, who claimed to have been a victim of Depp’s domestic abuse, even before the trial was over.

“Trust all women … except Amber Heard,” Chris Rock said during a May stand-up performance.

“I have no doubt Johnny will show up with his good name and beautiful heart revealed to the world,” Depp said. Dark Shadows Co-star Eva Green posted on Instagram on May 19.

As for Herd, who is returning to Tinseltown on her own, a high-ranking studio source told Page Six: “I think it will be very difficult for her.”

Even some of the people she once considered support have dropped out. Sources told Six that Herd is no longer close with her ex-boyfriend Elon Mask.

In a witness statement, Jennifer Howell, a friend of Heard’s younger sister Whitney Henriquez and her late mother Paige, said Paige – who died in 2020 at age 63 – told her that Musk was suing the actor for the embryos they created together. .

In a statement viewed by Page Six, Howell, Henriquez’s former employer at The Art of Elysium, said: “Paige told me that Amber said Elon controlled, abused and was in a legal battle with him over embryo rights created together. He wanted to destroy them, and Amber tried to keep them to have a baby. “

Hurd welcomed her daughter Una Page through a surrogate in April 2021. Although she did not publicly state the name of the girl’s father, there is no evidence that she is Tesla’s tycoon. Musk was unavailable for comment.

The head of SpaceX was also listed on Heard’s list of witnesses for the trial, but he never testified. Although sources told The Post that Heard and Musk had an argument, Musk tweeted late last month about Heard and Depp: “I hope they both continue. At their best, each one is amazing. ”

During the trial, some of Herd’s former friends testified about her (although James Franco was on the witness list, he was not). Her former best friend and roommate, Raquel Pennington, said she was “scared” for Heard because she said she “often had to cover makeup with bruises and facial injuries”.

But in her recorded testimony, Pennington she and the actor did not talk for at least six months, after they separated after an argument over Thanksgiving that became violent.

“I wanted to spend more time with other people in my life and give priority to other relationships,” Pennington said in a video released in court.

“I wouldn’t consider her a friend,” she added. “We are not talking. We are not enemies. “

But that only led Depp’s lawyer, Camille Vasquez, to say to the jury at the end of the trial: “This is a woman who burns bridges. Her close friends do not show up. You may have noticed that no one appeared for Ms. Heard in this courtroom except her sister… every other witness who traveled to Virginia because of her was a paid expert. ”

Although Heard has a small, compact group of friends, the time has passed since she lived in Los Angeles, after she moved to the six-acre Mojave Desert estate she bought in 2019.

Her group includes her sister, ex-girlfriend Bianca Butti and Scottish journalist Eve Barlow.

Butti was dating Heard when the actor became a mother, although sources said that Heard made the decision to be her daughter’s only parent.

After the verdict, the cameraman wrote on Instagram: “Amber is someone to whom I am grateful that I call him a friend and no one who gets up to tell the truth should be treated like this. My heart is for her in these difficult times. No matter what happens #istandwithamberheard. ”

Barlow, who was denied access to a courtroom in Virginia because she allegedly sent messages and tweeted from the front row, tweeted that Heard would “always” have her back.

Depp was seen celebrating his victory this week while on a concert tour with guitarist Jeff Beck in the UK, and it was recently rumored that he was reuniting with his old friend, director Tim Burton, for Beetle juice 2.

“Johnny will definitely work again,” a source from the studio said. “Amber can work again, [but] I think it will be more indie routes. I’m just not sure the studios want a commitment to work with her. “

Although Heard takes free time to be with her daughter, she should appear in two films: Run away with mefor which no other cast has been announced, and In the firein which Heard is the most famous name.

During the trial, Depp testified that it was he who helped his ex-wife get the biggest role in her career, as Mera in Aquamanbut he said he later alerted the studio to her when he knew things would “end up ugly” after their breakup.

According to the actor, Heard was worried about shooting the film on a location in Australia, given her previous legal problems there. She was prosecuted in 2016 for illegally bringing dogs into the country.

The accusations were eventually dismissed, but fearing that the studio behind the film, Warner Bros., would still have reservations about her choice, Depp said he telephoned them on her behalf.

“She asked if I would – I had a multi-film contract with Warner Bros., so we were in business together, so I knew those people – talk to them,” Depp testified. “I made a phone call and talked to three senior Warner executives: Kevin Tsujihara, Sue Kroll, Greg Silverman.”

In another awkward moment, DC Films boss Walter Hamada testified that the studio was considering releasing her from Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom due to her “lack of chemistry” with colleague Jason Momo (who liked the statements of both Heard and Depp on social media this week after the verdict).

Following the verdict, Heard’s lawyer Elaine Bredehoft said Heard would file an appeal.

When asked at Today shows if Heard has the money to pay off the $ 10.35 million allocated to Depp, Bredehoft said Thursday: “Oh, no, absolutely not.”

A high-profile court battle has left the actor in trouble over cash, according to sources, including one who also blamed Heard’s past lavish spending on travel, clothing, gifts and wine.

Several sources said that the star had to change her legal representation and her PR team, and now she is relying on the homeowner’s insurance policy to cover the costs of her current lawyers in this case.

According to The Post this week, sources said that the bills for Heard’s lawyers were mostly borne by The Travelers Companies in accordance with the actress’ insurance policy.

The vice president of the insurance company, Pamela Johnson, was spotted several times in a Fairfax court in Virginia with Heard during the trial. Neither Johnson nor Travelers returned calls.

An observer in the courtroom told Page Six: “After the verdict, Amber got up and ran away. Her sister Whitney was sitting in the front row, and she got up, crossed the barricade and went out with her. ”

Another film insider said of Heard: “Most people think that they have taken advantage of the #MeToo movement and therefore it is a dangerous way to hire someone. She did not show remorse even when things unfolded in court. “

This article originally appeared on Page Six and reproduced with permission

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