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Her Majesty gave the Duke of Cambridge the green light to throw a party at one of her royal residences later this summer. The celebration will reportedly be a joint celebration with the Duchess of Cambridge after her birthday plans were canceled due to a growing number of coronavirus cases earlier this year – meaning the couple will mark their milestone together.

The event is supposed to take place at Queen’s Windsor Castle House or at Sandringham Estate.

The plans come after it was agreed that Cambridges should “celebrate its significant birthdays in style”, royal sources told the Mirror.

In keeping with the royal tradition of celebrating the milestones of the decade for senior members of the Firm, the Queen can attend William and Kate’s party.

However, episodic mobility problems the 96-year-old monarch has been facing since last fall could force her to withdraw from the celebration.

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The Queen’s poor health led her to miss several platinum jubilee events earlier this month, as well as the entire Royal Ascot last week.

It was the first time in her 70-year reign that she skipped the racetrack, which is known to be one of the favorite occasions in her diary.

According to a source from the Palace, she will not confirm her presence at the birthday party of Prince William and Kate until the day of the party.

Although it has not yet been confirmed where the couple’s 40th plans will take place, it would make sense to organize a celebration at Windsor Castle, as they are moving to Windsor this summer.

There, Prince George, eight, Princess Charlotte, seven and Prince Louis, four, will go to a private school near his new home.

It will also bring the family closer to the Queen at the moment when she is slowly retreating, and Prince William, the second in line for the throne, is gradually stepping down.

Following in the footsteps of his mother, Princess Diana, the future king dedicated his 40th birthday to a goal seemingly close to him as he spent the day chatting with Big Issue veteran vendor Dave Martin at Tesco’s Supermarket in Hammersmith, London.

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Back in 2009, the duke slept on the streets of the capital with Centrpoint CEO Seyi Obakin to help understand the experience of homelessness.

More than a decade later, it seems that he is still actively involved in finding a solution to the problem.

William had previously argued that homelessness was a “solvable issue,” not just a fact of life.

As he enters his 40th year, the royal family shared for the first time that he visited a homeless shelter with the late Diana.

Writing in The Big Issue for entering his forties, he recalled: “I was 11 years old when I first visited a homeless shelter with my mother, who in her unique style was determined to shed light on a neglected, misunderstood problem.

“I have always believed that I use my platform to help tell those stories and draw attention and action to those who are struggling.

“I plan to do it now that I am 40 years old, even more than I had in the past. So, for my part, I commit myself to continue to do everything I can to shed light on this solvable issue not only today, but in months. and the years to come.

“And in the years ahead, I hope to bring George, Charlotte and Louis to see fantastic organizations doing inspiring work to support those who need it most – just as my mother did for me.”

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