The Queen’s comment to the woman who ran into her at Balmoral on a walk to the Corgis

People share the time they met the Queen over the years, and one woman recounted how the monarch turned to a classic British theme when he ran into a stranger – the weather

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By which the queen feeds the royal corgis

For many of us, meet with the queen it would be a long-awaited event.

But it happened to others out of the blue, while they were walking and ran into Her Majesty.

One woman recounted the Queen’s sweet response years later after she ran into her while walking with her beloved Corgi.

It comes as The former royal protection officer told about the time when the queen raped a couple of American tourists who did not recognize her.

Harriet Lowtber was studying photography at Glasgow School of Art when in 2008 she met a monarch walking her dogs.

Ms Lowtber, who was walking with her friend and Westie named Sailor near the Queen’s Scottish residence in Aberdeenshire, said she “kept her eyes open” because the couple could tell the royal family was staying in Balmoral.

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Harriet met Royal in 2008



“The Range Rover stopped directly on our way, there was no way to avoid it so we put our little dog on a leash,” said the 36-year-old artist and illustrator from Wiltshire.

“The queen saw the fence post fall and she stopped the car and went out to fix it. She let (her corgi) out and they saw our dog … they started barking at our dog and she heard it.

“She called her dogs and put them in the car, and I thought, ‘Oh, she’s going to go her own way because we’re Joe Public,’ but she’s not – we’ve been by her side so far, she’s been waiting for us and we’re talking.”

The Queen gloriously loves the Corgis


Tim Graham / Getty Images)

And of course, Harriet said the Queen began to comment time – a British topic without a mistake that proves that it is just like the rest of us.

She added: “I’m pretty northern and I remember saying ‘I hope it doesn’t rain’ while trying to pronounce real English (accent),” she said. “I was still close to her and she was much lower than I expected.

“I never thought I would meet the queen … I didn’t go crazy, I was just in shock.

“She looked very nice, very down-to-earth – she could have jumped in the car and run away, but she didn’t.”

Ms. Lowtber wrote a letter of ‘thanks’ to the Queen as part of a university project and received a response from her lady in anticipation that the monarch “remembers fond memories” of their meeting.

“I have it framed somewhere in the attic,” she said. “I feel bad at parties when people say‘ Oh, I met Elton John ’or whatever.

‘I’m totally like,’ I met the queen. ‘ It just surpasses any celebrity ever, right? “

Elisabeth Jennings of West Yorkshire met the Queen twice, and was first photographed in 2002 on the 50th anniversary of Agatha Christie’s Mousetrap.

“I volunteered with Equity, the actors’ union, and we were getting ready to go to a conference so we just went out for a meal. I panicked because I thought there was a fear of a bomb in London,” Ms Jennings said.

“I talked to a police officer and said, ‘What’s going on? Is there a fear of a bomb?’ and he said, ‘No, Her Majesty the Queen is at the Mousetrap show tonight.’

“We came back a little later in the evening and the policeman who talked to me called me earlier and said, ‘Get out in 10 minutes,’ and I said, ‘I’m sorry? … Oh my God.’ “

As the queen stopped admiring the flowers offered to her, Mrs. Jennings and her film camera suddenly came face to face with the monarch.

“Her Majesty was standing right in front of me,” she said.

I said, “Excuse me, ma’am, please, may I?” – and I ask her if I can paint.

“And she nods her head and radiates a beautiful smile. It’s one of, if not the best photo I’ve ever taken.”

The Queen recalled the face of Mrs. Jennings five years later when the couple met again in Manchester.

Neil Fleet, 58, was at a garden party at Buckingham Palace in the late 1980s, while his father was on the board of the Royal Philharmonic and the Prince’s Fund.

“She remembered us when we went for the third time,” Mr. Fleet said.

“The Queen has an amazing memory. She will always feel like you are the most important person she will talk to that day, even though you only have a few minutes to talk to her.”

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