The Queen sends a secret message on the latest profile picture while Meghan and Harry’s position is clear Royal | News

An updated headline photo of Her Majesty on Twitter shows her standing on the balcony of Buckingham Palace on the last day of the platinum jubilee celebrations, surrounded by Prince Charles and Camille, as well as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with their three children.

There is no image of Prince Andrew or Sussex, which could be seen as a message to the public about what the future of the British monarchy will look like.

Prince Harry and Meghan, who left the UK two years ago because they gave up their role as senior members of the royal family to stay out of the spotlight in the United States, attended their first royal engagement since Friday last Friday.

The arrival of the couple in St. Paul’s Cathedral for the platinum jubilee Thanksgiving service has long been awaited by observers eager to finally see them in action again.

But their appearance doesn’t mean everything came back the way it was before they left. The Queen was not present after suffering ‘mild discomfort’ on the first day of the Jubilee after a brief appearance on the balcony.

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In the cathedral, Harry and Meghan sat on the opposite side of the aisle from the Cambridges, an arrangement that served as another reminder that their roles in the Firm were vastly different.

The Sussex arrived a few minutes before Prince William and Kate.

Charles and Camilla followed them, but once they sat down, they too were separated from Sussex.

Meghan and Harry, who were staying at Frogmore Cottage in Windsor with their two young children, sat next to Princess Eugenie and her husband Jack Brooksbank, also non-working members of the royal family, on one side.

The couple was not on the balcony on Sunday, nor was the Duke of York, who was positive for coronavirus the day before the Jubilee.

This was a deal shared on the eve of the celebration, and Buckingham Palace said the Queen had decided that appearances on the balcony would be limited to “members of the royal family currently performing official public duties” and their children – which in fact excluded Harry, Meghan and Andrew.

Although it is believed that the decision, followed by difficult years of scandal, was not easy for the monarch, she seemed all but unconcerned during the performance she could have made.

In a message issued by Buckingham Palace on Saturday night, she said that she was “humiliated and deeply touched” by all the people who gathered at events in London and elsewhere across the country to mark her 70th year on the throne.

The message read: “When it comes to celebrating seventy years as your queen, there is no guide to follow. She is truly the first. But I was humiliated and deeply moved that so many people took to the streets to celebrate my platinum jubilee.

“Although I may not have personally attended every event, my heart was with all of you; and I remain committed to serving you to the best of my ability, with the support of my family.”

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