The Queen is showing off her new hairstyle because she has been given a special honor

Matthew Moore

The queen was awarded the Canterbury Cross on Tuesday, and the Archbishop of Canterbury awarded it to Her Majesty at a special ceremony.

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at the ceremony, the monarch showed off his new hairstyle, with its silver strands trimmed at the sides and back. The Queen looked so elegant as she was presented with an award at Windsor Castle for wearing a stunning floral dress adorned with pink roses. 96-year-old prince she received a special honor for her “uninterrupted service” to the Church of England during her 70-year reign.

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The beautiful silver cross presented to her was inspired by a Saxon brooch dating from the 9th century. The triquetra pattern she wears shows the “love, loyalty and affection” of the church.

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The item was presented to the queen in a red box and fastened with a blue ribbon. This cross was designed especially for the monarch with platinum inserts that point to her platinum jubilee.

Canterbury Cross is usually awarded during the Lambeth Awards and is awarded only to those who have shown outstanding service to the church.

The box also contained a quote from the Archbishop, which read: “During her reign, Her Majesty duly supported both the Christian religion and the Church of England in her role as defender of the faith and supreme governor of the Church of England.

Her Majesty was given a special honor

“Whether in the formality of the opening sessions of the General Synod or in the more intimate context of her personal addresses to the nation and the Commonwealth for Christmas, Her Majesty has shown her deep faith and her relevance to everything she undertakes.

“Her subtle understanding of the changing position of the established church in England has sustained and encouraged both the laity and the clergy.

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“Her concern for the unity of her people and the well-being of those who are least fortunate has been a constant inspiration to the whole Church. Her example is a well-run Christian life.

“This presentation of the Canterbury Cross is a heartfelt symbol of the love, devotion and affection in which the Church of England holds Her Majesty and represents the recognition and gratitude of her entire Church for her seventy years of uninterrupted service. God save the queen! “

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