The Queen continues to support the ‘intensely loyal’ Prince Andrew as the Duke prepares for the return of the royal family | Royal | News

Royal biographer Andrew Morton told the royal podcast The Mirror, Under Save The Queen, that the monarch wants to keep Andrew (61) nearby because he is “very loyal”. The writer, who wrote Diana: Her True Story in 1992, said the Queen deeply “appreciates” Andrew’s loyalty to his mother, as well as his actions during the Falklands War and the 1992 Windsor Castle fire.

He also said Andrew’s military action impressed the Queen.

Morton said: “She admired the fact that during the 1982 Falklands War he was the bait of Exocet, which means his job was to protect HMS Invincible (the aircraft carrier) because the Argentines wanted to sink it.”

Andrew also said Prince Andrew was key in ensuring the enemy did not hit targets.

He added that Andrew, who was the main target of the Argentines during the conflict, showed a lot of courage.

It was announced last week that Prince Charles and Prince William had gathered to stop the duke’s plans to return to public office, according to royal expert Katie Nicholl.

The embarrassed prince was supposed to show up at the Royal Ascot on Saturday, but he didn’t show up at the last minute.

Prince William, 39, told the Queen and Prince of Wales that he would retire from the Garter Order ceremony if his uncle, Prince Andrew, was given a public role.

And Ms. Nicholl revealed that Prince Charles was also “especially resistant” to his brother attending the event in case he “distorted Camilla’s great moment” which she “received enthusiastically”.

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Writing for Vanity Fair, she explained how both Prince William and Prince Charles are “persistent” that Andrew is not returning to public life and that they want to “ride the wave of goodwill” created by the “success of the Jubilee” without the Duke.

Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams told that the Duke of York does not realize it is a “shame” for the Company.

He said: “The queen gave him support as a loving mother, but he is a disgrace to the monarchy. However, bizarrely, he doesn’t seem to understand that. “

Earlier this year, the prince resolved a case brought against him by Jeffrey Epstein’s prosecutor, Virginia Guiffre, with an out-of-court payment of an estimated £ 12 million. He denied all allegations.

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Andrew Morton also said the Queen was impressed when Prince Andrew “organized the takeover of the artwork during the famous Windsor Castle fire in 1992”.

The writer said that he showed great loyalty to Her Majesty, which would be difficult to forget.

The United Kingdom looked as if the Duke of York had been given the task of escorting his mother to her seat during an emotional commemoration for the Duke of Edinburgh at Westminster Abbey in March.

At that point, less than two months had passed since Andrew and his prosecutor Virginia Giuffre reached an out-of-court settlement in their civil lawsuit over sexual intercourse filed in New York.

Reflecting on the commemoration, Morton said that the Queen used this family opportunity, which was not an official state engagement, to show support for her son.

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