The Queen appears on the historic balcony at the glorious end of the Jubilee Royal | News

In what was the perfect conclusion of the extended four-day weekend for holidays filled with events celebrating the rule and life of the sovereign, the radiant queen on the balcony was accompanied by her son and heir, Prince Charles.

Presenting the future of the monarchy, she was joined on the balcony by Prince William and Prince George, third in line for the throne.

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, were also present as future queens.

And, to the delight of royal fans watching the balcony, members of the royal family were joined by the lovely Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte, who are expected to become members of the royal family when they grow up and support their older brother in performing his duties.

When she went out on the balcony, the monarch smiled.

Hopes that the queen will return to the palace on the last day of the jubilee celebrations were first raised in late May, after sources said the sovereign wanted “the world to see her family’s heartbeat and the future of the monarchy” by stepping on the balcony with her direct heirs and their closest relatives.

A royal source told the Mirror at the time: “Her Majesty believes this will send a strong message to the world that despite family trials and tribulations in recent years, those at the top are united in continuing to work, sharing their sense of duty and commitment. serving the people of this country and the Commonwealth. “

The royal appearance on the balcony came at the end of a spectacular election, in which thousands of people performed through a 3-kilometer route, including the Horse Guards, Whitehall and Mall.

The choice in four acts included puppets, celebrities on double-decker buses and touching honors for the monarch’s seven-decade-long reign.

Although the queen did not personally watch the performers, many members of her family gathered in the royal box located near the palace.

Along with the royal ones, Mike and Zara Tindall with their daughters Lena and Mio were on the balcony.

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Peter Phillips and their daughters Savannah and Isla were also present, as was Princess Anne with her husband Sir Timothy Laurence.

The spectacular competition particularly stunned the royal children, and daughters Charlotte, Louisa, Mie and Peter moved around their seats to get a better view of the performers and talk about what was going on under the lodge.


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