The photographer is suing Emily Ratajkowski for posting his photo on Instagram

Emily Ratajkowski

Model and actress Emily Ratajkowski has been accused of posting her picture on Instagram without the photographer’s permission, according to a copyright infringement lawsuit.

Ratajkowski, who runs an Instagram account @emratashe published two photos in 2019 of herself coming out of a building in New York in a suit with fuchsia pants.

Photographer Edward Opinalodo says his photos were used without permission on the deleted post, according to a seven-page appeal.

The pictures in question were picked up Mail Online and other celebrity websites.

Emily Ratajkowski

“Any infringement is an exact copy of the entire Opinald original image that Ratajkowski directly copied and stored on his Instagram account,” says the photographer.

“He deliberately and deliberately posted the photos on Ratajkovski’s account.”

Opinaldo says that the model benefited financially from publishing his photos because they increased the turnover on her account, which in turn increased the recognition of her brand and the promotion of her business ventures, reports Law 360.

The photographer also says that the use of photographs by Ratajkowski, if widespread, would harm his potential market for paintings, in court documents submitted to the Federal Court in Manhattan.

Opinaldo seeks actual damages and confiscation of any profits that Ratajkowski received as a result of the alleged violation, as well as an order prohibiting the model from violating any of Opinaldo’s photographs, attorney’s fees and litigation costs.

“You’d think that given the symbiotic (or parasitic?) Relationship between celebrities and paparazzi, there could be a truce in troll wars,” copyright lawyer Aaron Moss wrote on Twitter.

“Photographers (sic) get access to celebrities, and in return celebrities would have the opportunity to post photos on their personal social networks. What am I missing? ”

Ratajkowski’s legal problems with the paparazzi

This is not the first time Rajakowski has been sued for posting her picture of the paparazzi. Photographer Robert O’Neil sued the model in October 2019stating that she stole a photo of him walking down a New York City street with a bouquet of flowers.

Ratajkowski claimed that O’Neil filed a lawsuit against her with the intent to “extort a settlement” and claimed that O’Neill’s then-defense attorney, Richard Liebowitz, was a notorious “copyright troll” who filed a lawsuit for intellectual property during pandemic.

The parties eventually reached a settlement.

Lots of celebrities have been on the side of various lawsuits by photographers for copyright for the use of their images, including The lawsuit from April 2017 against the personality of reality television Khloe Kardashian and the October 2019 lawsuit against singer Justin Bieber. Both lawsuits have since been resolved.

Credit for the pictures: All photos licensed through Depositphotos.

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