The Milan-based Filipino designer has been invited to Asia Pacific Fashion Week 2022 in Los Angeles, Las Vegas –

UNCONVENTIONAL FASHION. Lionell Christian Lanuzo (left) began by creating dresses made from unconventional materials such as paper, shells or feathers. Photo courtesy of LCL

Young Filipino designer Lionell Christian Lanuzo from MILAN looks like a modest man with a strong desire to do his job with excellence and passion.

Christian, as he is known among his friends, is one of the designers to be unveiled at Asia Pacific Fashion Week 2022, a global platform for new designers to be held in Los Angeles and Las Vegas in August 2022. He is the chief designer of his own fashion house LCL, a brand that specializes in luxury clothing with a neo-ethnic flair.

NEOETNIC FASHION. Lionell Christian Lanuzo celebrates Filipino culture in his designs using neo-ethnic Filipino textiles made from natural or indigenous materials. Shot at a location in Bern, Switzerland with the Magali Alcantara model.
Photograph by Roger Schnorf

Christian was born in the province of Pampanga in the Philippines and emigrated to Italy when he was thirteen. He graduated from the Instituto Tecnico Industriale Ettore Molinare in Milan with a degree in industrial chemistry. It was not an easy task to study in Italy, let alone chemistry!

PINTADOS. An interpretation of pre-colonial aesthetics inspired by “pintados”, a term used by Spanish colonizers to describe heavily tattooed natives from the pre-colonial Philippines, as worn by model Erica Paula Castillo. Photo courtesy of LCL

But after finishing his academic goal with bright colors, now is the time to focus on his love of art and fashion. It is no coincidence that the Italian city in which Christian chose to live, Milan, is one of the world’s fashion capitals.

Christian is only 34 today, but his ambition to pursue art dates back to his childhood. He started his fashion career by creating designs for beauty contests in Italy. But since then, he wants to test his ability to think outside the box and achieve things that would expand his creativity.

He started by creating dresses made of unconventional materials such as paper, plastic spoons or shells. His aesthetics are extremely wild, but detailed, and he has an eye for intricacy and construction that makes his work stand out.

Since graduating, he has been making waves in the fashion world and making the Philippines proud. bajanihan (communal unity) the spirit of the Filipinos shines in Christian as he delighted the European audience at the “Lange Nacht der Konsulate” (Long Night of the Consulate) in Stuttgart, Germany with creations made by capiz (natural shells), sigay (other type of shell), paper foil and barong (type of dress) with pearls and beads.

PEARL OF THE ORIENT. This modern version of the Philippine tern is adorned with over 7,000 pieces of pearls, representing over 7,000 islands that make up the Philippines, worn by the Celine Z model.
Photo by Theresa Sujata Senti

Christian has also participated in other fashion events in Europe, such as the “Multi-Ethnic Fashion 2018” event in Rome, with other stylists from around the world.

As a patriotic Filipino, Christian wants to show that Filipino designers are talented and worthy of their place in the global fashion industry, especially in Italy.

MAJESTIC GOLD. An ultra-modern interpretation of the Philippine Terno, with its iconic butterfly sleeves that are not made in fabric, but in gold wire worn by the Suki Ai model. Photo by Theresa Sujata Senti

Christian has now evolved as a designer, despite being new to the fashion business. His ball gowns, evening gowns and “modern” Barong Tagalog”Now show his evolution towards creating fashionable garments from traditional textiles, as opposed to his usual unconventional materials.

Like Christian’s works, the range of designs within the Philippine community is different from any other. But what makes them special is their subtle sign they give to their culture.

Indeed, Christian and many patriotic Filipino designers like him are drawing the attention they deserve to Philippine glam. Asia Pacific Fashion Week (APFW) will be their latest global platform to showcase the diversity of their designs.

Asia Pacific Fashion Week: Global Platform

To showcase Christian’s latest work, One Global Management Company Inc. – in collaboration with the Consulate General of the Philippines in Los Angeles, the Philippine Ministry of Commerce and Industry – Los Angeles office, Center for International Trade Shows and Missions (CITEM) and Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel – proudly presents Asia Pacific Fashion Week (APFW) in two cult American town.

The first show is on August 6 (Saturday), at 4 pm, at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, a historic landmark on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the heart of Los Angeles.

The second show is on Aug. 13 (Saturday), at 4 p.m., at the Decades Event Center, located at Vegas Pointe Plaza, Unit 168, 9175 S Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas.

The Los Angeles Department of APFW enjoys the support of Asian Journal Publications, Inc. Trending Beverages Inc., Napa Valley Distribution Inc., Montemaria Cellars, House of Pacquiao Wine, Individual Health Care, Lombard by the Bay, MTS Law Firm, Premier Asia Pacific Real Estate & Development and Tina Modeling.

The Las Vegas edition is a co-production of InterEdx, dba Dynasty Exchange Ltd. LLC., Headed by dr. Lee Dedicatoria, in collaboration with Asia on Earth, Dynasty Ventures, Club Paradisia, World Edoption, Royal Blue Staffing, Land with Love and Decades Event Center.

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