The host of Love Island, Laura Whitmore, has so far appeared on screen this season in just THREE MINUTES despite a mega contract of £ 500,000

LOVE Island presenter Laura Whitmore has appeared in reality for just three minutes despite being paid £ 500,000 to present this year’s show.

Laura37, married to a Scottish comedian who starred in the show Iain SterlingThe 35-year-old has only entered a villa in Mallorca once during the 14 episodes so far.

Laura Whitmore has only appeared in one episode of Love Island so far this year


Laura Whitmore has only appeared in one episode of Love Island so far this yearCredit: ITV
She was nowhere to be seen at last night's gathering


She was nowhere to be seen at last night’s gatheringCredit: ITV

usually Love Island’s leaders regularly appear at dramatic reconnections and landfills around the firebox.

But she was nowhere to be seen last night – appeared only in the first episode of the series.

This means that Laura was on the screen for only three minutes and 43 seconds from the previous 925 minutes of the series – only 0.3 percent of the show.

Earlier this year, The Sun revealed that the Irish former model had signed another £ 500,000 one-year contract as the host of Love Island.

Last year, she was only seen on the show A total of 33 minutes over the eight weeks it lasted.

She explained that it was coronavirus pandemic had it made it difficult for her to go to Mallorca as often as she wishes.


But without such an excuse this year, fans turned to social media to excite the presence of the star.

One was angry: “When will you actually appear on the Island of Love? I thought you were the host? ”

With another addition: “Laura Whitmore is not the leader of the Island of Love at all. The islanders do her job only by reading texts.

A third said, “How much is Laura Whitmore paid to do nothing? They represent it here themselves. ”

At this point in last year’s show – in two weeks – she appeared three times more than this year, with 11 minutes and 51 seconds.

Laura recently commented on the criticism on Instagram where she said: “The villa is in Mallorca and the Aftersun is London. Such is the situation for every host, it has always been. If I could stay in Mallorca, I would stay. “

She added: “It’s the same every year. The producers mix it up when I come to keep it a surprise. ”


It comes after Laura discovered it last week the villa on the island of love absolutely stinks.

The hostwho returned to present her third series, said that as many as fifty Islanders make the Mallorca spot their home during the run.

And the mother of one child said the stench of body odor, or BO, can be extreme.

Laura said: “It smells so bad. If you think about it… so many people, it starts with ten or twelve, and then it goes on and on.

“Forty or fifty Islanders go through that all summer.

“And they’re like 18-year-olds – carpet, fake complexion, makeup, BO… .smells!

“It smells like lynx Africa, you know when they’re trying to cover BO?” That’s what it smells like. ”

Laura first covered the winter edition of the show in South Africa in January and February 2020.

She came back for ITV2 programReturn to Mallorca after the pandemic in the summer of 2021.

A A Love Island spokesman said: “As regular Love Island viewers will know, the host has never appeared in every episode of the series.

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“As always, Laura’s next visit will be a surprise for both the Islanders and the spectators.”

Sun turned to Laura’s management for comment.

Laura received £ 500,000 to host the show


Laura received £ 500,000 to host the showCredit: Rex

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