The former royal chef reveals why the Queen “never loved” Buckingham Palace

Ex royal chef That was revealed by Darren McGrady the queen is much happier after a permanent move to Windsor Castle, because she ‘never really liked’ Buckingham Palace.

Darren worked as a personal chef to Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Diana and Prince William and Harry for fifteen years, and believes the monarch is happier in Windsor. In an exclusive interview with coffee friend the chef discovered that Her Majesty had always considered Windsor more of a home compared to Buckingham Palace.

He revealed: “It is no surprise that the Queen moved to Windsor, she never liked the palace, she has always been the Queen’s office.”

Darren believes the Queen is happier in Windsor
Darren believes the Queen is happier in Windsor

He continued, “The Queen would always return to Windsor Castle, can’t wait to get back there. She loves it there, so it’s no wonder she moved there permanently.”

The 60-year-old chef trained at the prestigious Savoy Hotel in London before working for royal families, and he also cooked for foreign heads of state, including Presidents Bush, Clinton, Reagan and Ford.

It is unclear whether the queen will attend
It is unclear whether the queen will attend

His duties included traveling with the royal family to Windsor Castle, Sandringham House and Balmoral Castle, as well as to the Royal Yacht Britannia on royal tours around the world.

Speaking of Windsor, Darren continued: “There are two kitchens, a main kitchen and a small kitchen, and the small kitchen is small enough to take care of the Queen and one of the two guests. There would always be a senior chef, a junior chef and about 30 employees who would go to Windsor for the weekend. We worked in a small kitchen, it is much different, much more relaxed.

“The Queen can go out, walk the dogs, go out and see the horses in the back garden. For the queen, dogs and horses have always come first. It’s her passion, it’s her hobbies. And why wouldn’t she enjoy it at 96 years old. Let Charles and William take on some other engagements, she should now spend time with horses and dogs every day. And her family is nearby in Windsor. ”

“We have organized five garden parties a year for about 6,000 people – I think it is really important for the Queen to host garden parties, the people who are invited are mostly charities and she wants to meet them and thank them.

“I always thought it was funny, every garden party was a challenge for the queen. The gates would open, people would go out into the garden and start eating and eating and drinking, and then when the queen came out on the steps, they would play the anthem and everyone would form a maze of rows all the way through the garden across the royal tea tent in the corner and the queen she had to climb those steps in Buckingham Palace and walk to the Royal Tea Tent where she could finally have a cup of fine tea. ”

After working with the family for so long, Daren touched on how Diana would feel when she saw her sons Prince William and Prince Harry growing up.

He added: “William always knew that one day he would be king in relation to Harry, William was the heir, and Harry was the reserve. Princess Diana would be thrilled to pieces now that both boys are happy, they have found a partner and they are happy in their relationship because obviously he was not and he went through divorce and divorce. And, of course, the children, the families they both produced.

“If Diana were alive today, she would hug those girls [Kate and Meghan]. I can just see her hugging Charlotte. I think she would be as proud of William as he took over these royal duties. Seeing that the Queen at 96 must step down – if she could go out there, she would want to, she wants to, but now she can’t do everything physically – and the Prince of Wales, William and Kate step forward and work harder and harder, it shows that the monarch has been here for a long time. “

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