The FAMU Marching 100 begins their trip to Paris to perform at the Louis Vuitton Men’s Fashion Show

TALLAHASSEE, Florida (WCTV) – The Journey of Life.

Our cameras managed to catch up with the FAMU Marching 100 on Saturday morning as they set off from Tallahassee to Paris for a performance at the Louvre Museum for Louis Vuitton Men’s Fashion Week.

The university sent 35 members of the band to perform on a trip that is paid at all costs.

The road to performing during Louis Vuitton’s men’s fashion officially began for the Florida A&M Marching 100, but the band’s director, Dr. Chipman says he thought it was a joke when he received the invitation.

“He says dr. Chipman that we would like to invite a Florida A&M march band to Paris, France to perform and I almost dropped the phone, literally, ”shared Dr. Chipman. “And I told that story, but it’s so true because you know you hear it and you’re like there are so many jokes and kinds of things going on in this world we live in.”

And when the band members heard the news, they repeated the same feeling.

“He said that and then I thought, is this guy serious? You know because he jokes a little from time to time, so I’m wondering if he’s really serious, ”exclaimed Major Marching 100 Drum Major Jarvis Rittman. “But then he just announced it, so I’m wow, I have to find a way to go on this trip, I want to go on this trip.”

The trip is an opportunity to add the heritage of March 100, showing their reach.

“The things we do here at Florida A&M University and the Marching 100 are really appreciated around the world and you know I believe we are setting the standard for marching bands,” said Marching 100 member Gustave Major. “And I feel like we’re just always working to the best of our ability and our highest standards.”

For most of the band, Saturday is the first time they leave the country.

“I’m a little nervous, you know it’s the first time you’ve known to perform abroad that I’m with this band, and this is the first time we’re in the Louvre where the Mona Lisa is, you feel me. So I can actually see that, ”Major said excitedly.

This experience is a business trip that is paid for at all costs that they say they truly value.

“Going to Europe, going to France, you know you hear about Paris and see it on television and the like, so I feel it will be a completely different experience to see it in person and come back and tell people about how it went and how it went.” Rittman explained.

In addition to food and touring the sites, the band says they are ready to face Paris for the second time in the history of the program and give a performance for life.

“We always tell our students that you know when we perform that someone will see you for the first time and someone will see you for the last time, so we always have to stay striking because you never know when you are. I will get that phone call and I will have to make that decision to accept, ”explained Dr. Chipman.

Another opportunity to show the world why they are the worst band in the country.

The group is expected to land in Paris on Sunday and perform at the Louvre on Thursday at 2pm local time in Paris and 8am Eastern Standard Time.

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