The Cleveland fashion show focuses on diversity and inclusion

CLEVELAND – Fashion designers from around the world gathered in Cleveland on Sunday to showcase unique designs focused on diversity and inclusion.

What you need to know

  • Fashion show “The Runway” presented a variety of clothes and fashion accessories by local and international designers
  • The event was held at the Cleveland Art Museum
  • “The Runway” is now in its second year
  • The show was organized by Fashion Talks

The runway organizers described it as the first high fashion show in Cleveland aimed at expanding the fashion scene in northeast Ohio. It was held at the Cleveland Museum of Art on Sunday, June 19th.

The second annual fashion show was organized by Fashion Talks. The group produces events aimed at creating opportunities in the fashion industry for small businesses and those who want to learn more about fashion.

“When I moved to Cleveland, I wanted to see if there was a fashion industry and see if I could find what was in Toronto and New York, and I didn’t see the same qualities,” said Aimon Ali, founder of Fashion Talks.

But he said the event was deliberately held on Sunday night, June 1, to celebrate diversity. But he said it gave designers with a wide range of experience the opportunity to show off their designs, with models of all shapes and sizes coming out on the runway.

“We have all kinds of body shapes on the runway. We should have inclusiveness and diversity, especially within the fashion industry. There is no excuse for that, “Ali said.

The runway also gave fashion designers from the area, such as Angelique Wong, the opportunity to network.

“A lot of my brand cares about being included in size,” said Wong. “I want to create an experience in which every woman and every man will feel glorified and appreciated. All my garments currently range from small to 5XL. ”

Wong, a graduate of Kent State University, said she caught the fashion bug in high school, thanks to her sister.

“I didn’t actually pursue fashion until my first year of high school,” Wong said. “I have been a music student all my life. I played the viola, the violin, the clarinet. ”

Wong said she continued to sew all of her return home and prom dresses and said the rest is history.

One of the many colorful, diverse pieces presented in the show.

“The concept of this show is one of the most inclusive I’ve ever felt,” Wong said of the opportunity to participate in The Runway.

In addition to the fashion show, Sunday’s event gave attendees the opportunity to shop on the runway and buy unique clothing and fashion accessories from local designers.

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