The Blake Lively Met Gala dress in 2022 had a relationship with ‘Gossip Girl’

Serena van der Woodsen is still the “It” girl.

Blake Lively knocked down some of her most famous looks in a video for Vogue, and explained how her 2022 Met Gala dress included a special tie for her character from “Gossip Girl”.

The head of the gala explained that her beautiful Atelier Versace dress pays homage to New York architecture, with lines as a “homage” to Empire State Building, and drapery “top hat” to the Statue of Liberty and the back of the dress showing the ceiling of the constellation Grand Central Station.

But this last detail had a deeper meaning for the actress.

“Grand Central Station felt like a full circle moment because in the first shot of ‘Gossip Girl’ I’m on a train and I’m coming to the station and it’s a shot of Grand Central Station,” she recalled.

“I think Versace thought I was crazy when I called them and said this,” she laughed, explaining the thought behind the transformative dress, which began as a copper color and then seemed to oxidize to a greenish hue as she climbed the Meta stairs.

Blake Lively in Orange tells the story of Gossip girl
Blake Lively recalled her first scene of “Gossip Girl” at Grand Central Station.
Vogue / YouTube

“Instead of looking at gilded fashion, I wanted to look at architecture,” she said, referring to the “gilded glamor” night dress.

“Instead of me performing, I wanted the dress to perform.”

Blake Lively 2022 with gala
The Blake Lively dress turned from copper to green on the carpet.
GC images

Lively, 34, has also talked about her fashion hits and failures over the years and revealed that she is “used to trying to keep a piece of my wardrobe” on each of her acting projects.

Blake Lively and Gossip girl
Serena from Lively arrives at Grand Central Station in the pilot of “Gossip Girl”.
The CW

She touched her first red carpet in 2005, when only two of her colleagues from the “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” series were invited to the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards “because we weren’t big enough to be on the guest list.”

She said jokingly: “They probably regret it now. I bet I will make a guest list this year. ”

blake lively young fi
Baby Blake first appeared on the red carpet at the 2005 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards.

For her debut red carpet she wore a turquoise shirt from Forever 21, low Abercrombie jeans and a Hot Topic belt.

“To this day, I don’t see how horrible this view is,” she said.

Lively also admitted, “I don’t work with a stylist, I never have.”

Blake Lively at the 2022 Met Gala
Blake Lively has long been a Met Gala favorite.
Patrick McMullan via Getty Image

Despite not having a stylist, she always dresses in a way worthy of “Gossip Girl” – whether she sits on Meta’s stairs or flaunts them.

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