The artist full of femininity and beauty was discovered by the artist (Samir Ghanem) and Saima died in Ramadan. Surprisingly, they found her in her closet!

Artist Samir Ghanem discovered her in the mid-1960s when he happened to see her as she was returning from high school, he was attracted to her beauty and offered her to be an actress, and she agreed.

Madiha Kamel has participated in more than one work with artist Samir Ghanem, including the film “30 Days in Prison” and the film “Answer Her Like This, Answer Her Like This, She Is Like This”.

During her career, Madiha Kamel presented many films, of which perhaps the most famous is “Climb into the Abyss”, in which she played the role of a spy.

And her role in the film was included in the paid scene in Egyptian cinema, and director Kamal Al-Sheikh chose a turning point and a starting point for his first-class tournaments, followed by films, the most important of which are “Bright Eyes”, “Song on corridor “and” Sons of Silence “.

Madiha remained unattended after her retirement and lived until she passed away in January 1997.

Although she is no more, she is still a beautiful star who affects the hearts of her fans. In the past year, her only daughter Mirham appeared as a fashion designer for evening clothes and abaya under the name “Madiha Kamel”, where she used her mother’s name as a brand of her designs.

Where the daughter of the late artist, Mrs. “Mirham El-Rayes” and her daughter, the granddaughter of an Egyptian artist, appeared during the previous episode of the program “Al-Satat Ma’arfush Yakdboa” broadcast on the CBC network, and participated in the episode as a fashion designer for women with a veil, where she spoke about her interest in fashion news in the world of fashion for women with a veil.

Madiha Kamel decided to retire and put on the veil in 1992 on the set of “Devil’s Gate”, which caused problems between her and the producer, as she was left with a limited number of scenes and refused to finish scenes for the film. the remaining two days of filming, prompting the work team to use a duplexer to complete it, and she refrained from appearing and refused to paint her veiled.

At the age of five, she came out to deny rumors about her marriage to preacher Yassin Rushdie, and her appearance on the show “Very Honest Dialogue” was a sensation, especially because she attacked the art community, so the episode did not see the light of day. Mirham, ”she said in a television interview.

A few months later, artist Madiha Kamel died on the fourth day of Ramadan, during which she dreamed of leaving.

According to her daughter: Madiha Kamel loved the month of Ramadan because it includes worship and spiritual and mental serenity, and she always bought Ramadan lanterns even after she grew up.

She always had a happy argument with her daughter about the Ramadan lantern, because she bought herself a big lantern, and her daughter Merham a small lantern. The daughter revealed that after the death of the artist Madiha Kamel, after her death, she found numerous religious brochures that are distributed as a sign of mourning for the soul of the deceased, which her mother printed and kept without telling her and it really is so. distributed after her death, and she discovered many good deeds that her mother did in secret. .

She pointed out that she liked to watch her mother’s work before her death, especially the play A Very Windy Day, where the character had a great resemblance to her mother’s real personality,

But after his death he is no longer able to see any of his artwork. It is worth noting that the artist Madiha Kamel suffered from heart disease in her life, because she suffered a stroke on the set of the series “Snake” in 1975, but the disease increased a year before her death and kept her in bed for 10 months, spent them in the Mustafa Mahmoud Hospital, and water accumulated in her lungs and weakened her heart muscle, which prolonged her stay in the hospital.

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