“That’s what Abu Hashima feared.” Yasmine Sabry’s engagement to this artist caused alarm !! The first pictures from the Indian Ocean have leaked !!

Social media has been teeming with images of Egyptian artist Yasmina Sabry from an Indian Ocean island in recent days, wondering if she should choose a place to announce her engagement to the famous artist, amid expectations – unsupported by an official statement – that he will be ” Ahmed Ezz “, because followers expressed that it was not businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima is afraid of him.

Shortly after the divorce, Egyptian actress Yasmine Sabry traveled to the island of Maurice in the Indian Ocean for a vacation.

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Sabri shared with her fans her pictures from one of the famous hotels on the island of Mauritius, the One & Only Le Saint Géran hotel, and appeared while enjoying and walking by the palm trees. Sabri commented on the photos saying, “Good morning from our beautiful world.”

Social networks have been buzzing with the story of the engagement of the great Egyptian artist Ahmed Ezz to the artist “Yasmine Sabry”, which was recently raised after the storm over her divorce from her ex-husband, a famous Egyptian businessman, “Ahmed Abu Hashim” and the recent revelation of the intensity of night meetings.

The engagement, which has not yet been officially confirmed, followed after Egyptian artist Yasmine Sabry intensified her recent encounters with Egyptian artist Ahmed Ezz in recent times, if spotted several times during the evening and early afternoon walks. in one of the streets of Greater Cairo, which astonished passers-by.

It later turned out that the two stars were getting ready for a job that Sabri would return to after a long absence from the stage.

Perhaps this was confirmed after the Egyptian artist indicated that she had contracted a leading female role in front of Ahmed Ezz star in the historical film “Saqr Al Mahrousa”, written by Mahmoud Hamdan and directed by Ahmed Alaa, and filming should begin next July.

Egyptian artist Ahmed Ezz is expected to embody the character of an Islamic-era knight in the film, simulating a famous Islamic figure, and the film is expected to include many scenes of war battles with the help of international battles. designers.

Maybe all this coincides with the noise due to the divorce of the artist from her husband, the businessman “Abu Hashim”, a thing that has not been confirmed yet, in the middle of the question of the truth of this or not.

It is important to note that the last work of the artist Ahmed Ezz was the film Al-Arif, which was a great success.

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