How to Create Your Instagram 2022 Recap

If you want to start making your own Instagram roundup by 2022, here’s how.

How to Create Your Instagram 2022 Recap
How to Create Your Instagram 2022 Recap

The My Recap 2022 Instagram Reel template allows you to easily create a visual recap of your year. The template comes in various forms, with different artists featured in the audio.

If you want to create your recap for your own Instagram account, here’s how to use the Recap Reel template feature.

How to Create an Instagram Summary Reel 2022

To get started with your Reel, open your Instagram app and select the + icon to create a new post. Then follow these steps…

  1. switch to Reel eyelash.
  2. Select your gallery, which is displayed as a image with a + icon.
  3. select Templates.
  4. you should see the My summary 2022 template as the first available template. includes label instagram template. There are several versions available with different audios. Once you’ve found the one you want to use, tap on Use template.
  5. You can then replace the template clips with your own. Tap a clip and choose one of your Reels, Images, or Stories. To make it easier, change the source of Gallery for you instagram album.
  6. As you select clips, Instagram will fill in the template slots. Tap Next When you finish.
  7. instagram summary template 2022 share summary on instagram
  8. You will then have the opportunity to edit clips. When you are done, select Next.
  9. Add a title and relevant tags or other information. then touch Share.

That’s all you need to publish your own year roundup. Unlike recaps like Spotify Wrapped 2022 or Reddit’s Recap, this recap isn’t automatically generated by the app and requires some input from you.

Create your own Instagram summary for the year

Now that you know how to access and customize the template, try the feature yourself. You can create a unique and fun post that will close out the year for you in an entertaining way.

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