How to Add Fireworks to an Image in Photoshop

Have you been planning your New Year’s Eve party since October? Are you excited to get all your friends together in one room, get the drinks flowing and the mischief beginning? And the invitation? Have you already submitted it or are you waiting for some creative inspiration?

If so, we are here to help. This tutorial will show you how to add fireworks to any image with the help of Photoshop. This way you can really add a flare to your Evite.

Step 1: Prepare your photos

The easiest way to add fireworks to an image is to use a photograph of fireworks and layer one on top of the other. This is called mixing. There are several ways to blend in Photoshop. However, here we will only focus on the easiest one. So even if you’re a complete Photoshop newbie, you’ll still be able to do this.

But before you can get started, you need to make sure you have the right images. First, you need to choose your background photo. This can be a photo you took of a nice city landscape. Or if you are having a house party, it would be nice to have a photo of your place and put the fireworks behind it.

Whatever it is, you just have to make sure that it is of good quality, so that the final result does not get pixelated. Try to find an image that is larger than 2000 pixels. And if the image you want to use is too small, there are ways to enlarge it without losing quality.

Next you need to find fireworks images to add on top. Again, these can be photos you took if they are of good quality. However, it is easiest to find a free to use image on a website like Unsplash, which is what we are going to show in this tutorial. Make sure you download the largest size.

Step 2 – Place the fireworks on top of your image

Let’s start with editing.

  1. Open your background image in Photoshop.
  2. Find your fireworks image in your Downloads folder and drag it into the document. This way, Photoshop will add it as a new layer on top of your background. drag the image into Photoshop
  3. Resize the image to your preference and position it where you want on the image. then press Get into.
  4. Go to the Cap menu in the bottom right corner of the screen and open the dropdown menu where it says Normal. Pick up Lighten up of the list. This will remove the background of the fireworks image. merge images in photoshop

This is the basic way to add fireworks. If you only have a fireworks image, you can repeat the above steps on your image. Or you can download multiple fireworks images to make it look like multiple fireworks are going off at the same time. Just follow the same steps with each new image which will create new layers for them.

Step 3: Play with colors

If you are not satisfied with the result after blending the image, there are a few ways to improve it.

  1. Choose the layer you want to enhance.
  2. Click the button at the bottom of the layers menu that says create new fill. It is the half filled circle.
  3. Pick up levels.
  4. In the new window that appears, click on the square that says Tits setting affects all layers.
  5. Now drag the sliders below rgb to enhance the colors to your preferences. layer levels in photoshop

If you want to completely change the color of the fireworks, you can follow steps one and two and then choose Color saturation.

In the new window that appears, move the slider to Hue and find a color you like best. Don’t forget to click on the square that says youits setting affects all layers. If you don’t, it will also change the colors of the background image. Check out our detailed guide on working with Hue/Saturation in Photoshop.

layer tone in photoshop

If that’s not colorful enough for you, you can try the color balance option in the same menu. And you can use all three, or just one, whichever seems best to you. Do this for each layer, until you achieve the best results.

layer color balance in photoshop

Step 4 – Remove Parts of the Image That Won’t Blend

The instructions above will work perfectly if you have a fireworks image with a plain dark background. But what if you want to use one that already includes some scenario? You’ll notice when you try to blend it that the background doesn’t completely disappear. But don’t worry, you can still use this image with a few extra steps.

  1. Position the image on top of your background as before, resize it, and position it.
  2. then choose Lighten up Mix.
  3. This time choose add mask layer from the bottom of the layers menu. This button is a rectangle with a circle in the middle.
  4. choose the Brush tool from the left menu and make sure to change the color to black. You can do it in the upper right corner.
  5. Now simply paint over the parts of the image you want to remove. If the brush size is too small, you can use ] to enlarge it and [ to make it smaller again. And if you erased too much by accident, don’t worry. Just change the brush color to white, and you can paint it back onto the picture. layer mask in photoshop
  6. play with him levels on this layer as well to make sure it completely removes the background and creates the most natural result.

Below, you can see the before and after of the same image.

before and after photo with fireworks

Dazzle your photos with fireworks

After reading this guide, adding fireworks to any image in Photoshop should be a piece of cake. You can see that even if you haven’t used the software before, it’s still pretty easy as long as you follow the steps.

And if you’ve used it before, you can really play around with the preferences to create something really creative and impressive. The best part is that this ability can help you with a lot of things besides mixing fireworks. This is just the beginning.

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