15 of The Finest TED Ed Riddles to Use with College students in Class

TED Ed is one in all my favorite video assets that I’ve been recommending for academics over the previous couple of years. TED Ed options quick video explanations (normally lower than 5 minutes) protecting totally different instructional matters together with science, historical past, physics, sports activities, media literacy abilities, psychological well being, math, animals, artwork, planet earth, mind, genetics, know-how, literature, coding,  and plenty of extra. 

TED Ed riddles

The aim of this submit is to share with you this assortment of fantastic TED Ed riddles to make use of along with your youngsters and college students. I curated the listing from TED Ed YouTube riddle collection and solely featured these standard riddles as measured by variety of views and viewers interplay.

These TED Ed riddles can be utilized to have interaction college students in all kinds of actions that require them to make use of varied cognitive abilities together with analytical pondering, drawback fixing, strategic pondering, choice making, important pondering, and plenty of extra. 

1. Are you able to resolve the prisoner hat riddle? – Alex Gendler

TED Ed riddles
picture supply: ed.ted.com

You and 9 different people have been captured by super-intelligent alien overlords. The aliens suppose people look fairly tasty, however their civilization forbids consuming extremely logical and cooperative beings. Sadly, they’re undecided whether or not you qualify, in order that they determine to offer you all a take a look at. Are you able to resolve this hat riddle? Alex Gendler reveals how.

2. Are you able to resolve the bridge riddle? Alex Gendler

TED Ed riddles

Caught with your mates in a distant space the place zombies are chasing you.  The bridge is your saviour and it is advisable to use your math abilities to cross it. Educator Alex Gendler reveals you ways.

3. Are you able to resolve the three gods riddle? – Alex Gendler

TED Ed riddles

On this logic puzzle, you and your workforce have landed in an alien planet dominated by three gods. Your process is to attempt to escape and get again house safely. Alex Gendler explains how.

4.Are you able to resolve the passcode riddle? – Ganesh Pai

TED Ed riddles

“In a dystopian world, your resistance group is humanity’s final hope. Sadly, you’ve all been captured by the tyrannical rulers and delivered to the traditional coliseum for his or her lethal leisure. Will you have the ability to resolve the passcode riddle and get everybody out safely? Ganesh Pai reveals how.”

5. Are you able to resolve the river crossing riddle? – Lisa Winer

TED Ed riddles

Three lions and three wildebeests have to urgently escape the raging fires within the forest and their solely gateway to security is a river infested with crocodiles. Your job is to assist them cross the river utilizing the one raft remaining. Lisa Winter explains how.

6. Are you able to resolve the enormous cat military riddle? – Dan Finkel

TED Ed riddles

“The villainous Dr. Schrödinger has developed a progress ray and intends to create a military of big cats to terrorize town. Your workforce of secret brokers has tracked him to his underground lab. You burst in to search out… that it’s a entice! Are you able to escape from Dr. Schrödinger’s lair and save the day? Dan Finkel reveals how.”

7. Are you able to resolve “Einstein’s Riddle”? – Dan Van der Vieren

TED Ed riddles

“Earlier than he turned physics the other way up, a younger Albert Einstein supposedly confirmed off his genius by devising a posh riddle involving a stolen unique fish and a protracted listing of suspects. Are you able to resist tackling a mind teaser written by one of many smartest individuals in historical past? Dan Van der Vieren reveals how.”

8. Are you able to resolve the prisoner bins riddle? – Yossi Elran

TED Ed riddles

“Your favourite band is nice at taking part in music…however not so nice at being organized. They maintain misplacing their devices on tour, and it’s driving their supervisor mad. Are you able to resolve the brain-numbing riddle their supervisor assigns them and ensure the band stays on their label? Yossi Elran reveals how.”

9. Are you able to resolve the counterfeit coin riddle? – Jennifer Lu

“You’re the realm’s best mathematician, however ever because you criticized the Emperor’s tax legal guidelines, you’ve been locked within the dungeon. Fortunately for you, one of many Emperor’s governors has been convicted of paying his taxes with a counterfeit coin, which has made its approach into the treasury. Are you able to earn your freedom by discovering the pretend? Jennifer Lu reveals how.”

10. Are you able to resolve the airplane riddle? – Judd A. Schorr

“Professor Fukanō, the well-known scientist, has launched into a brand new problem – piloting around the globe in a airplane of his personal design. There’s only one drawback: there’s not sufficient gas to finish the journey. Fortunately, there are two different planes to assist. Are you able to assist the professor fly for the entire journey and obtain his dream, with out anybody operating out of gas and crashing? Judd A. Schorr reveals how.”

11. Are you able to resolve the famously tough green-eyed logic puzzle? – Alex Gendler

“100 green-eyed logicians have been imprisoned on an island by a mad dictator. Their solely hope for freedom lies within the reply to 1 famously tough logic puzzle. Are you able to resolve it? Alex Gendler walks us via this green-eyed riddle.”

12. Are you able to resolve the locker riddle? – Lisa Winer

“Your wealthy, eccentric uncle simply handed away, and also you and your 99 nasty family members have been invited to the studying of his will. He wished to go away all of his cash to you, however he knew that if he did, your family members would pester you without end. Are you able to resolve the riddle he left for you and get the inheritance? Lisa Winer reveals how. “

13. Are you able to resolve the virus riddle? – Lisa Winer

“Your analysis workforce has discovered a prehistoric virus preserved within the permafrost and remoted it for examine. After a late night time working, you’re simply closing up the lab when a sudden earthquake hits and breaks all of the pattern vials. Will you have the ability to destroy the virus earlier than the vents open and unleash a lethal airborne plague? Lisa Winer reveals how. “

14. Are you able to resolve the egg drop riddle? – Yossi Elran

“Town has simply opened its one-of-a-kind Faberge Egg Museum, with a single egg displayed on every ground of a 100-story constructing — and the world’s most infamous jewel thief already has her eyes on the prize. Are you able to assist the thief formulate a plan that can drop the costliest egg she will be able to get safely into her ready truck? Yossi Elran reveals how.”

15. Are you able to resolve the temple riddle? – Dennis E. Shasha

TED Ed riddles

“Your expedition lastly stands on the coronary heart of the traditional temple. However as you examine the inscriptions within the darkness, two wisps of inexperienced smoke burst forth. The partitions start to shake. The large sandglass begins flowing with lower than an hour earlier than it empties, and a rumbling tells you that you just don’t wish to be round when that occurs. Can you employ math to flee the temple? Dennis E. Shasha reveals how. “

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