15 Creative Ways to Use ChatGPT by OpenAI

OpenAI ChatGPT is a powerful AI chatbot that can provide an answer to almost any question you have. It’s almost like Google is a person you could have a conversation with.

It’s open to the public for free during a trial period, so you can try it out today. The only question is, what should you ask him?

Besides making ChatGPT do your homework for you, there are lots of cool ways to use it. These are some of our favorites.

1. Fun facts

ChatGPT he knows a lot about our world, from quantum physics to how to make a great cup of coffee. If you don’t know what to say the first time you use ChatGPT, start by asking it some fun facts about the world.

ChatGPT is what people expected Siri or Alexa to be, an artificial intelligence assistant that could give us the answer to our random thoughts throughout the day. Although ChatGPT is not designed to access the World Wide Web, it owes its knowledge to having been trained on data from the Internet.

However, just like the Internet, you can still get things wrong. There are several major issues with ChatGPT that need to be fixed, so be careful not to believe everything it says, even if it sounds convincing!

2. Learn something new

One way to start a new hobby is to talk to ChatGPT. It’s much faster than scouring internet blog posts and dodging ads to find what you’re looking for.

How do I learn to play the piano? What painting supplies do I need as a beginner? How do I bake a potato gratin? Learn something new today by putting these questions on ChatGPT.

If you are new to this technology, be sure to read our guide on how to use OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

3. Explain how something works

ChatGPT writes a rap explaining the main themes of Romeo and Juliet
15 Creative Ways to Use ChatGPT by OpenAI

One area where ChatGPT really excels is helping us understand difficult ideas. You can ask him to explain the main themes of a famous novel or find the connection between two ideas. Also, if there are specific parts of the response you don’t get, just ask ChatGPT to clarify the point.

If you want to try something a little different, ask ChatGPT to explain an idea to you, but write it in the style of a rap song, or maybe explain it using a funny analogy.

4. Help with coding

ChatGPT gives an example of how to code a website header section
15 Creative Ways to Use ChatGPT by OpenAI

Words are not the only language you can speak, ChatGPT also understands code. Use it to help generate code snippets to save time working on a tedious job. Interestingly, you can also use ChatGPT to identify problems with your computer’s code and explain exactly why it’s not working.

5. Improve your writing

There are several ways that ChatGPT can help you learn to write better. You can ask him to review your writing or even suggest how your paragraph or essay could be improved.

Alternatively, you can think of it as a thesaurus. Try to describe what he is trying to say and ask him to suggest some matching words.

6. Compose a message

ChatGPT suggests ways you can tell someone you appreciate them.
15 Creative Ways to Use ChatGPT by OpenAI

It can be difficult to email a landlord or ask a boss for time off work, but with ChatGPT on your side, you’ll always know exactly how to organize your words professionally. All you need to do is ask ChatGPT to compose an email explaining your request.

You can also get help outside of formal settings when you’re having trouble finding the right words. Whether you need help sending a message to a friend who is having a hard time or sending a sweet message to someone you just started dating, ChatGPT can provide you with some great suggestions.

7. Have a conversation

A user expressing his frustration over a situation on ChatGPT
15 Creative Ways to Use ChatGPT by OpenAI

When life gets you down, it can help to talk to someone. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to share your thoughts with friends or family, so why not chat with ChatGPT?

While you don’t want to share any sensitive information with the AI ​​assistant, you can use it to write down how you’re feeling and explore a problem that’s causing you stress. It’s a bit like journaling but with the added benefit of having an AI bot to help put things in perspective.

8. Get styling tips

With everything you’ve learned about fashion history, ChatGPT is a surprisingly good place to go for style advice. What works with loafers? How can I dress a pair of jeans? What are some clothing items that are androgynous? Fear not, ChatGPT can help you look your best.

9. Explore recipe ideas

ChatGPT gives recipe ideas for cheap and nutritious meals
15 Creative Ways to Use ChatGPT by OpenAI

Another fun way to use ChatGPT is to ask for recipe ideas. There are many ways you can narrow down the response, such as asking for recipe ideas based on the ingredients you have on hand.

ChatGPT suggests a different recipe that doesn't use corn.
15 Creative Ways to Use ChatGPT by OpenAI

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, try asking ChatGPT to come up with some recipes that are affordable. If you need something that is nutritious, be sure to include it in your question.

10. Create stories

ChatGPT writes a story about two boys who meet a dragon.
15 Creative Ways to Use ChatGPT by OpenAI

ChatGPT’s proficiency in written language, combined with its ability to generate creative responses, means it can pass as a pretty decent storyteller. One way we can imagine using ChatGPT is to create fun bedtime stories for children, featuring real-life people as characters in the story.

11. Write poetry

Apart from creating stories, ChatGPT can also create poems. You can ask him to write in the style of a famous writer like Shakespeare or in a certain format like a limerick. Just give it a theme, and you’re done!

It’s the kind of thing you can write inside a unique AI Christmas card instead of buying a generic card in a store.

12. Brainstorm Creative Ideas

ChatGPT suggests birthday ideas for a person's 60th birthday
15 Creative Ways to Use ChatGPT by OpenAI

If you don’t have creative ideas, ChatGPT is a great source of inspiration. From gift ideas to what to do for a birthday party, instead of Googling the answer, see what ChatGPT has to say.

Content creators and small businesses may also find ChatGPT useful for things like generating ideas for new blog posts or creating creative copy for a website.

13. Suggest Movies/TV Shows

ChatGPT suggests a movie to watch
15 Creative Ways to Use ChatGPT by OpenAI

Don’t know what to watch? ChatGPT can help. Ask him to suggest a movie or TV show based on a genre you like, a time period, a particular actor, or any other specific details. It’s a great way to find something new to watch or discover the great classics of our time.

14. Overcome writer’s block

There are several ways ChatGPT can help you overcome writer’s block, from suggesting article titles to generating topic ideas. Try entering what you’ve written so far and ask ChatGPT to list some alternative headers.

Given a topic, you can also develop a few different angles that might be worth writing about. It might be enough to get your own creativity flowing and push you to overcome your writer’s block.

ChatGPT write test questions
15 Creative Ways to Use ChatGPT by OpenAI

Many people are concerned about how students can use ChatGPT to cheat on assignments, but surprisingly, teachers may find ChatGTP just as useful as well. For example, you can produce multiple-choice test questions in a matter of seconds, and you can easily provide written feedback on how a student’s work could be improved.

Using ChatGPT as a teaching tool could help teachers save valuable time, so they can focus on more important tasks. It is these benefits of AI technology that encourage more people to start a career in AI.

Take your questions to ChatGPT

Like any new technology, it will take some time to figure out what are the best uses for it. ChatGPT is still under development and it’s important to remember that it doesn’t always get the correct data. With that in mind, there are lots of fun and creative ways to use ChatGPT.

From style tips to its use as a teaching tool, submit your questions to ChatGPT today and see what it has to say.

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