Tammy Hembrow confirms the ‘unusual’ name of the newborn girl

Fitness star Tammy Hembrow and fiancé Matt Poole announced that their little girl’s name is Posy Poole.

Posy, born on Sunday, is seen in multiple pictures with her proud parents and older siblings, which the family shared on Instagram.

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The 28-year-old mom posted a picture of the newborn with the caption “Posy” along with two emojis with flowers on Thursday.

Hembrow’s sister Amy confirmed that Posy is actually the name of the newborn, commenting: “I love you little Posy.”

Poole (32) then posted a cute selfie in which he caresses his newborn daughter with the caption “Posy Poole”.

Tammy Hembrow shares the first photos of her daughter Posy. credit: Tammy Hembrow/Instagram

Hembrow has shared several updates and short views on the newborn on her Instagram since the birth.

On Tuesday, she posted a series of family photos of Posy with her two older children, Wolf (6) and Saskia (5).

“They love her so much already, my three babies,” Hembrow wrote in the caption.

She also shared a photo of Posy’s cuddling and wrote that it was “the fourth day of the newborn’s bliss, running without sleep, but I don’t mind it at all”.

Fans and friends reacted to the revelation of the “perfect” name on Hembrow’s Instagram profile.

“Please tell me you called her Stormy,” joked one fan, referring to baby Kylie Jenner’s name.

“So precious,” fitness star Steph Claire Smith said.

Matt Poole holds his newborn Posy. credit: Instagram

“Oh, yes, yes, yes, she’s perfect,” said another.

Meanwhile, another noted that the name was “impressive, very unusual”.

Hembrow announced Posy’s birth on Monday, posting four photos of “the absolute hardest but most deserving thing she’s ever done”.

“No words. The birth story is coming. For now, I’m just resting in my love balloon with my perfect little girl, wow,” she said.

Meanwhile, proud dad Poole shared his post, including pictures of Hembrow and their new addition to the hospital.

“Our little girl, perfect in every way,” he began.

“Mom was amazing and so strong. It was 24 hours, but welcoming the world made it better. ”

Tammy Hembrow shared these pictures of her daughter’s birth. credit: Tammy Hembrow /Instagram

New dad went on to mention 12 fingers of his “beautiful” daughter after the couple said the child had polydactylythe condition in which Hembrow, her siblings and her mother were born.

The parents said they would remove the hand abnormality soon after the baby was born.

Posy’s birth comes after speculation on social media that Hembrow and Poole broke up.

Hembrow was two weeks late for childbirth. credit: Tammy Hembrow /Instagram
Matt Poole, Tammy Hembrow and her children Wolf and Saskia. credit: Instagram

After speculation, the fitness star posted a cute video of the couple on Instagram, along with pictures of a family dinner with her two older children – six-year-old Wolf and five-year-old Saskia.

A post on social media seems to have confirmed that the couple is still together.

Poole proposed to Hembro in November, and the couple announced that they were expecting a baby a month later.

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