Taapsee Pannu talks about fashion and social media


New Delhi – Enjoying the cult song by Kishore Kumar from the 80s, Taapsee Pannu conveys an inspiring message to young people in the country, let the world see who you are!

“I always prefer comfort over everything. I like to wear cotton clothes and I mostly prefer to wear multi-layered looks. You would often spot me in western outfits, but Indian saree will always be my absolute favorite, ”says Pannu about her summer fashion style, adding:“ Besides, I like to pair all my clothes with a pair of statement sunglasses, as they add all that jazz with that. ”

What does the actress think about minimalism, which is currently in the center of attention when it comes to fashion trends?

“Minimalism refers to showing authenticity with the concept of less is more, it allows an individual’s personality to shine through the minimum,” she added.

The youth icon in the new Vogue Eyewear campaign inspires young people to accept their individuality. “This is primarily one of the reasons why I am very excited about this association and the campaign. I believe the latest collection of Vogue glasses is chic, fresh and retro-glam styles suitable for any outfit. My personal favorite and seasonal must-have from the latest collection is the style of metal sunglasses inspired by the 90’s with a modern twist – VO4235S. “

Taapsee also believes, “with the increased time in front of the screen, glasses have become a necessity, as the time in front of the screen has increased and eye fatigue and headaches have become common. Therefore, glasses are important not only in terms of fashion accessories, but also in terms of usefulness. ”

When it comes to OTT, Taapsee believes the media has made watching movies more practical, accessible and accessible to audiences across the board. That solved the need for a watch during Covid-19 and kept us going as viewers consumed more and more content. ”

She also believes: “Social media is a space that is constantly growing and gives us enormous power to build and form opinions. Therefore, we should be careful with every move we make, our comments may or may not affect someone’s trust. I spend a lot of time on social networks where I had moments when suspicions arose due to the large number of trolls

This is the second year of her collaboration with the brand and her association, she reveals: “I love the diversity of the Vogue Eyewear collection, because it imperceptibly fits into my personal style. From classic and chic to avant-garde and trendy, the brand takes care of different preferences and there is a style for everyone! Styles are also affordable, making it even more accessible to the younger generation. ” (IANS)

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