Sunset saleswoman Maya Vander suffers from miscarriage after stillbirth

I sell sunsets Maya Vander suffers from miscarriage 6 months after stillbirth

Maya Vander. AFF-USA / Shutterstock

Grateful for her family. Selling Sunset star Maya Vander revealed that she suffered another pregnancy loss just six months after giving birth stillborn baby.

“I had a very crazy week,” the 39-year-old real estate agent said through her Instagram story on Tuesday, June 21st. “Abortion after 10 weeks… after my stillborn… but my children and my husband are absolutely my blessing and I am so happy to be their mother !! They bring joy and happiness into my life !! Embrace and love the people you care about. Don’t take things for granted! ”

Vander shared the news with a photo of her sleeping son Aiden (3). She shares the boy and his sister Elle (2) with her husband David Miller.

I sell sunsets Maya Vander suffers from miscarriage 6 months after stillbirth
Courtesy of Maya Vander / Instagram

The Netflix star gave birth to a stillborn son when she was 38 weeks pregnant in December 2021. “I’ve always heard of it, but I never imagined I would be part of the statistics,” she wrote at the time. “Instead of giving birth to a baby, I go home with a memory box. I don’t want this for anyone. What was a regular weekly review turned into a nightmare that I can’t imagine will happen to me. Since I share my pregnancies on the show, I knew I would have to post about it and avoid the question of ‘when is your due date’. You will always be in our hearts, baby Mason. ”

A few days after she published the tragic news, she opened to Us Weekly exclusively soon after the loss in hopes of helping other grieving mothers feel less lonely.

“My family was destroyed,” said the Israeli Us. “My baby was born right around Christmas. This is the best time of year to celebrate. “My husband is heartbroken and I know I have to be strong for him and our family.”

She felt “grateful” for her two “beautiful” children, but their presence could not completely “facilitate” [her] bol. ” Vander added: “Time will help, but I experienced a loss at a very late stage. I lost my son and the pain will always be there. ”

A Miami real estate store explained that it was not clear why her son did not survive then. “I gave birth to a normal baby that looked like it was sleeping. This is going to haunt me forever, ”Vander said Us.

The Founder of the group Maya Vander she said an autopsy was being done in hopes of getting some real answers, which she revealed during a special review in May for Selling Sunset season 5

“I was 38 weeks old and it was obviously a strange accident. We got the autopsy report about a month ago, “she told Tan France. “It was just a bad accident [the umbilical] umbilical cord mixed with somewhat swallowed placenta. But I’m much better. And, you know, I have a husband. He is amazing. My kids are great. They keep me, you know I have work to do and I’m busyso I don’t have time to sit and cry all day. “

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