Summary of General Hospital: Spencer plans to find Esme’s own parents

Felicia and Mac meet Laura and Martina for dinner at Metro Court Gardens. Felicia and Mac were supposed to meet Maxie, but she was invited. Laura tells them that Kevin will drop by later so they should join them for a night glass.

Felicia and Mac meet Laura and Martina GH
Mac and Felicia go to their desk, and Martin and Laura discuss the fact that their brother was not the one behind the attack on them. Laura believes it was Viktor and that she was the real target. She also believes Victor was involved in Luke’s murder. Martin asks why Victor is free to run around, so she explains that the WSB believes Jennifer Smith killed Luke. She knows that Jennifer Smith would never do such a thing and that she will prove that Victor is behind it. At first, however, she thinks she has found a way to deport Viktor.

Laura suspects Victor attacked them GH

At their table, Felicia wants to order champagne to celebrate Bailey’s pure health and that they are grandparents. She also wants to make a toast to the topping she gave Ryan. Mac exclaims, “What did you do?” Felicia explains that she had to tell him he lost, and she won. Felicia enjoys the fact that she told him that he is an impotent maniac who deserves to be forgotten.

Mac and Felicia eat GH

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Victor greets Spencer as he works his last shift at Kelly’s. Spencer locks the door to close while Victor offers to find him a better job at one of his companies. Spencer thanks him, but his gaze is focused on something else. Victor asks where he is now that he has received Avin’s bribe. Spencer reveals that Ava asked him to stay in Wyndemere to mend his relationship with his father. Viktor is happy to hear this until he finds out that Esme is also staying there. Spencer explains that he has his reasons for keeping her very close. Victor is worried that her presence will hinder his reconciliation with his father. Spencer jokes about two people who hate each other, he and his grandmother have quite the same opinions.

Spencer and Victor talk about Esme GH

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Spencer knows Esme can be a lot, but he needs it. Viktor reminds him that this is a girl who lied about the fear of pregnancy. Spencer knows exactly who Esme is and soon the world will see her as she is. Victor hopes Spencer is safe because they don’t really need her in a family sense. Spencer assures Victor that he is cautious and reveals that he plans to surprise Esme by locating her biological parents. He believes that part of her problems with leaving stems from the fact that she gave up, and no one is in a position to give her what she wants, except maybe his uncle Viktor. He seeks Victor’s help in finding her parents. Victor warns him that this could explode in his face, but he will help him. He will contact some contacts about Esme.

Spencer reveals his GH plan

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At the General Hospital, Esme comes by to see Kevin and says she needs his help, and her future depends on it. In the fall, she was admitted to the PCU and focused on psychology. However, she has to apply to enter their program, which is very competitive. She has a topic for her essay for an amateur case study and she needs his help because it’s about Ryan. He briefly tells her that she will have to write this without his help. He reminds her that he has already forbidden her to see his brother because he knows what Ryan is capable of. She scoffs that his brother is a legitimate subject of study and thinks his refusal is to help her personally. He advises her again to stay away from Ryan.

Esme visits Kevin GH

Esme has only one question and wonders if Ryan was ever able to establish a real relationship with someone. Kevin sighs that he has to have dinner, but Esme stops and asks again if Ryan has ever established an honest relationship with another man, and if not, if it’s something hereditary. Kevin asks if this is for her task or something more personal. She admits that she doesn’t know who her biological parents are, so she began to wonder what she might have inherited. She knows she has offended half the city, she barely has friends and worries that something is wrong with her. Ryan assures her that she is not a narcissistic sociopath like Ryan. Kevin informs her that Ryan has a way to make people believe what he wants to believe, and even locked in, he is one of the most dangerous people ever. Kevin has to go, so Esme leaves.

KEvin will not help Esme GH

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Trina talks on the phone with Joss and talks about Esme as she enters her front door. There she finds Curtis, Taggert and Portia waiting for her. Trina tells Joss that he will have to call her. Trina asks what’s going on, and they tell her they’re as upset about this as she is. Portia gathered troops for her with regard to the decision on Title IX. Trina tells them that she is fine and that she feels much better. Porsche wonders what happened that changed her attitude from the angry messages she sent this afternoon. For the first time, Trina reveals that she feels that things could go in her favor.

Trina's parents are worried about GH

Trina tells them how they get along with Joss and they find another angle to explore. Portia thinks they should call Jordan, but Trina still doesn’t want the cops involved. Curtis suspects that she and Joss were already chasing this trail. Trina asks them not to get angry and tells them the whole story of the phone on, the bartender at The High Side, and the quarrel that broke out. Taggert is angry, and Portia wants Trina to come to them. However, her mother admits that she found a clue. Taggert is disappointed in her. Portia points out that Trini failed to help, so she found a way to help herself, and they should be proud of her. Taggert explains what she did scares him, but he will always be proud of her. They hug, and Portia decides to order a pizza and arrange snacks until she arrives. Taggert goes to help her in the kitchen, and when she is alone, Trina admits to Curtis that her parents were right and that they could have gone south tonight. Curtis says, but he’s not. She also says that what she did is exactly what he would do in her position, and she has the courage.

Trina admits GH

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At the entrance, Valentin assures Ana that this is a meeting. Anna asks him if he’s worried if they don’t talk about espionage that they will discover they have nothing else in common. He doesn’t feel that way and hopes he hasn’t disappointed her. She says no, so he asked her to tell Felicia because she beat him up because he avoided her. Anna asks why he was away. He tells her that he had a lot on his plate, and that it has nothing to do with her. He caresses her hair and finally pulls her into a kiss. He asks her if she wants to skip another movie. He wonders if this is an indecent proposal. Valentin tells her to say the word and he will do whatever she wants.

Anna and Valentine's date GH

Valentin later returns with a tub of popcorn in butter for her. She tells him that his phone received a message while he was away, but she didn’t look. She jokes, “You keep secrets from me?” He looks at the message and it is Martin, whose text he asks to contact him immediately. He plays it as his ELQ job. Valentin asks for another meeting, and she accepts. The next movie starts and it is Casablanca. Anna is delighted.

Anna and Valentine's date GH

Returning to Metro Court Gardens, Laura reveals to Martin her plans to take Victor out of the country, which will keep him away from Nicholas and Spencer and postpone the mysterious project he is constantly talking about. Kevin arrives, and Felicia and Mac go to see them. Martin apologizes for a moment, and Mac tells everyone that Felicia confronted Ryan today. Felicia insists that she had to let him know that she will no longer take real estate in her head without rent. Kevin thinks it was cathartic for her, and in his condition, Ryan can’t hurt anyone. She explains that he can blink and that his help Esme helped her communicate with him. Kevin is upset and finally tells Laura that he has to take care of something and that he will have to skip their night glass. When he leaves, Felicia wonders why he was so upset. Laura explains that Esme should have been banned from seeing Ryan. Later, Laura calls Alexis and she warns Laura that something has fallen on her desk and that something catastrophic is happening tomorrow and that she doesn’t think she can stop it.

Kevin is upset about Esma GH

Esme arrives at Kelly’s, and Spencer asks Victor not to mention anything about his plans because he doesn’t want to give her hope. Victor apologizes and leaves, and Esme tells Spencer that they should go home.

Outside, Kevin encounters Victor. From the look on Kevin’s face, Victor sees that someone has upset him and that he hopes it’s not Spencer. Kevin says this time the problem is in the company he holds.

Inside, Esme sees Kevin outside and goes to see him. She explains that Kelly’s is closed. Kevin confronts her to see his brother, even after he has warned her to stay away from him. He called and ended her internship, and she was banned from entering the institution. Esme is angry as Kevin tells her, “From now on you’ll never see Ryan again.”

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