Stassi Schroeder Shares Health Update on Daughter Hartford

PHOTOS: Vanderpump Rules' Stassi Schroeder Shares Update on Daughter Hartford's Health After She Was Born With Hole in Her Heart

Stassi Schroeder took to her Instagram Story on Wednesday to share an update on the health of her one-year-old daughter, Hartford Charlie Rose Clark.

Over a year after confirming in October 2020 that her then-unborn daughter had a “hole in her heart”And admitting to going through“ hell on earth, ”the Vanderpump Rules alum returned to social media with an update as her husband, Beau Clarkalso shared news on his own page.

“I shared a while ago that when I was pregnant at my 20 week scan, we found out Hartford had a hole in her heart. And the week we had waiting to find out the severity of the situation was one of the worst weeks of our lives, ”Stassi began on April 20.

Then, along with a video of her daughter laying on her stomach, Stassi shared some very happy news.

“After this week’s echocardiogram, my strong little Beaut has NO hole and a perfect healthy freakin heart,” she confirmed, adding that Hartford “also loves her snacks.”

Vanderpump Rules Stassi Schroeder Offers Health Update on Daughter Hartford

In his own post, Beau said that after going through an understandably scary time, he was happy to report that Hartford is completely healthy.

“It was the scariest moment when we found out Hartford had a hole in her heart before she was born. After waiting over a year to see if it closed up. It did! ” he proclaimed. “Happy to finally put that behind us. We have a healthy girl who loves to be hand fed like royalty. ”

Vanderpump Rules Beau Clark Looks Back on Daughter's Scary Heart Issue

After the couple shared their exciting update, Stassi posted a couple of additional images of Hartford wearing nothing but a diaper, a pearl necklace, and a pink headband.

“Lots of baby content today but I’m having all the feels,” she captioned her first image.

“Last one I swear,” she wrote with her second.

Vanderpump Rules Stassi Schroeder Shares Happy Photos of Hartford After Heart Health Update

As Pump Rules fans well know, Stassi was fired by Bravo for exhibiting racially-charged behavior against former castmate Faith Stowers in June 2020. However, in a report shared weeks ago, it was noted that she and Kristen Doutewho was fired at the same time for the same offense, as well as Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylorthe latter of whom was rumored to have also been booted from the showcould be returning to television.

In a report shared by Bravo and Cocktails he Instagramit was alleged that Pump Rules could go one of two ways: To a show featuring the original cast members with frequent appearances by Lisa Vanderpump or to a show following Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz opening a new bar without Lisa.

Although some would love to see Stassi and the originals return, Andy Cohen‘s supposed hint at Vanderpump Valleywhich he mistakenly called the show during an episode of Watch What Happens Live last month, was allegedly nothing more than an innocent slip of the tongue.

“A source tells me, we should * not * be reading Andy’s‘ Vanderpump Valley ’slip on last night’s [WWHL] as a hint that a rebranded [Pump Rules] is on the way… ”Entertainment Tonight reporter Brice Sander explained on Twitter.

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