Solaf Fawakherji reveals new details of his crisis with Karis Bashar

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The Syrian actress replied Sulaf FwakhergyAbout the accusations and criticisms that were directed at her after she revealed the reason for her disagreement with her colleague Karis Bashar 22 years after the outbreak of the crisis between them, because of what the latter did at Fawakherji’s wedding.

Solaf Fawakerji blames his friends

I drew Sulaf Fwakhergy During the interview with her in the program ET In Arabic, she resented her friends from the art community without giving specific names for not supporting her in the face of criticism and attacks on her on social media.

Solaf Fawakherji confirmed that she would have taken a supportive stance if one of her friends had been exposed to this crisis, commenting: “There is no whole world stance on the word of truth, unfortunately, but in the end I can’t blame them.”

And she continued: “Everyone knows about this thing, and I am present and I did not keep silent about the truth, and I was sure that I stood by them in this story. They told me what they told me so he wouldn’t be hurt. “

Sulaf Fawakherji saw that she had not been attacked by anyone during the crisis, but in the end everyone knew that many social media campaigns were paid for, commenting: “And people who understand this issue and know that this is the military, and some may have fake pages and it is not hidden and known to the artistic community. “

She stated that those responsible for those pages deleted many positive comments and comments of support from social networks.

New details in the crisis of Solaf Favakerdzi and Karis Bashar

Sulaf Fawakherji was surprised by the criticism, accusing her of talking again about the 22-year crisis, noting that Karis Bashar She is the one who spoke about their dispute two months ago in a media interview with Sarah El-Dandarawi

She pointed out that Karis Bashar accused her of insulting stories about her in that interview, and interrupted the conversation about filing a lawsuit against her without giving a reason.

Sulaf Fawakherji said: “I was surprised that two months ago she returned to talking about this matter in a strange way. All the people around me asked me to answer because I found myself in a somewhat strange situation of accusation.”

She continued: “When she said that she started the case, she should have said why, and the interruption of the speech was a kind of attack, and why at this moment, after 22 years, the story is unknown.”

She stressed that many workers in the art community know the story, but no one dared to speak about it or say the word of truth except Nidal Al-Ahmadiyya.

The media, Nidal Al-Ahmadiyya, accused Karis Bashar of faking her birthday from June 2nd to February 16th to celebrate it in Solaf Fawakherdzhi’s wedding hall.

Sulaf commented, noting that she did not know the information reported by the Lebanese media, saying: “I was surprised by Nidal Al-Ahmadiyya’s story with details I did not know, because I do not know that her birthday is after my birthday, but she did it one the day before to celebrate it at my wedding, but I was surprised it was a document. The dispute came months later.

Solaf Fawakherji answers Karis Bashar

Responding to Karis Bashar’s conversation that there is no crisis between them, Solaf Fawakherji said that there are certainly no problems between them because I have never hurt her, nor have I annoyed her or anyone else, nor have I ever had problems with her or any other colleague.

She ended her speech with the words: “She hurt me and I have a problem with her, but the problem was that I forgot and at the time of her mother’s death I comforted her, and in return I don’t expect anything from her, but there is something human.”

Solaf Fawakherji accuses Karis Bashar of sabotaging her wedding

And she was Sulaf Fwakhergy For the first time in a few weeks, she revealed the reason for the dispute between her and Karis Bashar, noting that he dates back more than 20 years, during her wedding, which, as she said, Karis Bashar tried to sabotage.

Solaf Fawakerci confirmed that Karis Bashar was not on the list of those invited to her party, but she attended the wedding and tried to sabotage it, saying: “I was at my wedding when she was not invited, and you ruined my wedding.”

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