Sherri Shepherd recalls an awkward encounter with the MJF at the airport

The MJF really lives its trick all the time.

During the episode on Wednesday from Wendy Williams Show, Sherri Shepherd recalled a meeting she recently had with an AEW star at the Los Angeles airport. Shepherd began the story by informing audiences about the MJF’s history, beginning with his 2001 appearance on the Rosie O’Donnell Show and how he would continue to become a professional wrestler.

“When I was flying from Los Angeles to New York, I had an encounter with a former child star who appeared on the Rosie O’Donnell Show at the age of five,” Shepherd began. “He didn’t grow up to be a professional singer. He is now 26 years old and has the initials MJF, and is a professional wrestler. ”

Shepherd continued: “I guess J in the MJF means Jerk. And let me tell you why – he behaved like that when I met him at the airport while we were waiting in the salon, not at all nice. My son Jeffrey, he is a big fan of wrestling and knows all wrestlers. He spotted the MJF while we were waiting for the plane. And you know, Jeffrey was very nervous when he approached him and asked for an autograph, because you never know [how certain people could react].

“So I said, ‘I’ll do it for my baby,’ because I’m a mother bear. I said I would go and ask him for an autograph. I know how to behave with celebrities, they don’t want you to talk much. I was very kind and patted him lightly on the leg and said, ‘sorry, are you a famous MJF wrestler?’ He jumped up and said, ‘No!’ I said, ‘Okay, so are these people saying you look like a famous MJF wrestler?’ Then he snapped and said, ‘Yes!’ and he put on his headphones and turned away from me.

Shepherd then revealed that her son Jeffrey pointed out that the MJF is behaving like a jerk because it rarely breaks kayfabe. However, she did not buy it.

“I wanted to tell him, ‘I don’t like your tone,'” Shepherd continued. “That’s what I wanted to tell him. I wasn’t playing. Jeffrey was standing to the right and smiling. He says, ‘No, Mom, MJF is a bad guy and he should be a jerk.’ I said to my son, “No, no, you don’t know what a real bad guy is unless he pisses off a black mom trying to paint her son.” “I’m just trying to take a picture of my baby. I didn’t bother him, I just wanted to take a picture, I was so mad at him.”

Shepherd later revealed that she photographed the MJF on a plane to confirm to her friend that it was indeed a wrestler. The friend she was referring to was WWE Hall of Fame member Mark Henry, who works with the MJF at AEW. Below you can watch a video of Shepherd recalling his meeting with the MJF.

In 2009, Shepherd appeared in the episode “WWE SmackDown” as a guest MVP manager, competing against Dolph Ziggler for the United States Championship.

Again, there was no mention of the MJF during Wednesday “Dynamite: Road Rager” on TBS.

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