“She lost her voice” … Details of a sharp quarrel between Pique and Shakira

Despite the fact that more than two weeks have passed since the confirmation of Pique and Shakira’s divorce, after 12 years of relationship, the two are still in the headlines of Spanish and international news. The news are reports that have confirmed that the story about the betrayal of the Barcelona defender is not news.

Journalist Silvia Towels revealed some basic information about the two partners in recent years to the Sálvame program on the Spanish channel Tele 5, confirming what was previously published about the problems between them starting in 2017.

And the story of Gerard Pique’s recent alleged betrayal began then, and has continued for a long time, and represented a real crisis between the Colombian singer and the Spanish football star, whose details remained undisclosed before the duo returned and later agreed to live in an open relationship .

In her speech to the Spanish channel, Towels said that at the end of 2017, there was an obvious fight between Pique and Shakira on the street, which ended with Shakira losing her voice and therefore her El Dorado world tour was postponed to June 2018.

Indeed, if we are looking for a concert tour, we find that the Wikipedia page shows that the tour was supposed to start in November 2017; But he was completely postponed “due to bleeding in Shakira’s right vocal cord”, without giving a reason.

That year, Pique and Shakira faced a real crisis in their relationship – which journalist Towells described as “dangerous” – due to his repeated infidelities, her TV statement said.

The “Waka Waka” star complained about Pique’s hectic nightlife in Barcelona’s amusement parks, and according to Towells, “Pique’s fame on Barcelona’s night scene goes back to the past, it’s not new.”

According to the Spanish newspaper Marca, Silvia Towels added: “Their dispute became so drastic that they fought in the middle of the street in front of everyone, with a fight that ended in screaming, after which Shakira lost her voice and had to postpone her tour.”

She concluded: “Two partners have suffered a lot, and much longer than it is said.”

The Spanish newspaper El Periodico was the first to publish the news of the divorce, according to its own sources, and returned on Thursday, June 2, to give more details about the woman with whom Pique is allegedly in a relationship.

Without revealing her name and identity so far, the paper confirmed that Pike is meeting a young blonde girl, no more than 20 years old, who is a student and at the same time works as a host at events in Barcelona. The report claims Pique has been seen with her several times.

And just two days after it was announced that things were not “poetic” between the Colombian star and the father of her two children>

On Saturday, June 4, 2022, Shakira officially confirmed that she is parting ways with the Barcelona defender.

According to information we published earlier in the Arab Post, it seems that issuing a statement on the fate of their relationship is a unilateral decision made by Shakira herself, and that this step surprised and confused Pique.

This was said by the host of the Spanish program Viva La Vida, Jose Antonio Aviles, who confirmed that the Barcelona defender did not betray the Colombian singer; Because they agreed to live in an open relationship for 3 years.

Aviles said: “A person very close to Pique assured me that there was no betrayal on his part and was surprised by the statement Shakira made.”

The Spanish host added that the agreement between Pique and Shakira provided for them to present themselves to the audience as a duo, but that at the same time each side can go out with the person they want, based on “Do what I want and I will do what I want.” ”

Shakira officially confirmed the news of the divorce, in a private statement, saying: “I regret to announce our divorce, and for the health and safety of our two children, who are our top priority, we ask everyone to respect their privacy at this time and thank you you on understanding. “

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