Second graders practice Trash to Treasure in Fort Kent

Miss Stacy Belanger’s second-grade elementary school students in Fort Kent received excellent treatment.

FORT KENT, Maine – Miss Stacy Belanger Elementary School second graders received a stellar treatment during the Trash to Treasure fashion show held Friday at the University of Maine at Fort Kent.

Every year, students in the Belanger class design innovative costumes from disposable materials as part of Earth Day and demonstrate their creativity. Students then exhibit their costumes at a public fashion show after which students recite poetry. This was the sixth start of the show, which was put on hold for two years due to COVID-19.

Audience members were on their feet at the UMFK Sports Center on Friday as students walked the floor in their home-made costumes while DJ Brandon Hartt let out some rhythms.

“We wanted to create a party-like atmosphere that was full of energy and that made everyone get up and dance,” Belanger said.

The event was attended by all students and staff of FKES, as well as about 60 parents and family members.

Belanger said that the students chose which costumes they wanted to create and wear at the fashion show.

“They were given full reins and they had to personally choose and shape them together with a family member,” Belanger said. “I was amazed by the final products. Everyone was so creative and very unique. ”

Fort Kent Elementary students are eagerly awaiting the start of Miss Stacy Belanger’s Trash to Treasure fashion show for second grade. (Jessica Potila | St. John Valley Times)

Among the innovative costumes were a jar of peanut butter created by Alana Kometić, a Fluff container by Khloe Jandreau and a Zamboni machine by Lucas McBreairty.

Belanger said she includes some poetry in the show to help students develop rhyme and verse and feel more secure in public speaking.

“We learn the importance of developing voice and expressiveness as they recite their favorite songs. It’s a fun way to get others interested in poetry, “Belanger said.

The purpose of the show is to empower students and end the school year in a positive way, Belanger said.

“It’s a great boost for self-confidence,” she said.

Other students who participated in this year’s Trash to Treasure fashion show were Halle Jandreau (cookie), Shelby Bourgoin (Rubik’s Cube), Hailey Gagnon (train), Dylan Pelletier (milk carton), Mia Jandreau (Pop-It), Calix Jandreau (iPhone), Hadley Wener (Barbie), Audri Pelletier (refrigerator), Liam Levesque (vending machine), Olivia Mulcahy (snowmobile), Weston Marquis (fire truck) and Lennox Guimond (popcorn box).

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