Scott Disick, Khloe Kardashian praise Kim’s romance with Pete Davidson

While gushing kim kardashian‘s relationship with Pete Davidson, Scott Disick i Khloé Kardashian he couldn’t help but shed some light on the former partners of the Kardashian-Jenner family.

Khloé, 37, turned to Scott, 39, to laugh during the episode on Thursday, June 16th. Kardashian, but in the end they talked about how Tristan ThompsonHer paternity scandal will affect how she progresses. (Thursday’s episode was filmed as Khloé taught her then-boyfriend, with whom she shares her daughter Truewho is now 4 years old, had an affair that resulted in the birth of NBA star Theo’s son, who is now 6 months old.)

“The human moral compass … is broken,” the Good American co-founder told the sister Kourtney Kardashianex-boyfriend in Thursday’s episode.

Scott, who broke up with Kourtney in 2015 amid his own cheating scandal, asked, “Do you feel like, who knows if you’ll ever find someone you can trust? … I just can’t imagine, like, opening up to someone, and then on the way, like, you just find out that they are completely different people. “

As Khloé tried to stay optimistic – “I think we can totally find people we can trust” – she said: “They say you never love twice in the same way. And I think you’re saying that because you have scars or, like, there’s trauma. You are only trained to love people differently. ”

The Flip It Like Disick alum quoted Pete, who has been associated with Kim since October 2021 after her divorce from Kanye Westas an example.

“Kim has found a guy who is great. He’s so cute, “Scott said. “[He] does so much. He picked us up from the airport the other day, like, [with] the coffee she wanted. He drank coffee for me – I didn’t want to tell him it was completely wrong. He’s just a great person. It can be said that he cares about people’s feelings. “

After talking about the comedian, Scott realized that Pete should come. “I wonder where he is,” he said.

“Oh, God, are you and Pete best friends?” Khloé asked.

Scott nodded. “Bunk beds, all that,” he joked. “We have the best time together.”

“I am happy to have someone who is kind to her, who cares for her,” Khloé replied.

Scott then seemingly overshadowed the rapper. “She didn’t have much time,” he said. “It’s really sweet. And she is so different in front of him. She says, like, young slang words. ”

In a confessional interview, Khloé, who confirmed that Kim was “in love” with Pete earlier this month, he added that Saturday Night Live alum is “so cute.”

“I don’t know him very, very well, but from what I know, I think it’s really drama-free, it’s really easy. And I think that’s something that is the ultimate goal, “Khloé said. “Everyone wants this fairy tale, everyone wants good luck. I think that’s hope. Love shouldn’t be this hard. ”

Kardashian is expected to return for new episodes later this year.

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