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Sarah Jessica Parker


Welcome Just legends, a review of the best beauty moments of our favorite celebrity legends. The most recognizable role of Sarah Jessica Parker may be the well-dressed Carrie Bradshaw, but the actress herself is a fashion icon. She is also interesting in the game of beauty in a surprising way — as part of RoC’s Look Forward project, which focuses on the power of optimism and its proven positive impact on health. There was a lot of good vibes during our live conversation, where we talked about some of the most impressive fashion and beauty moments of the star throughout her career.

“What do I think of the future?” Sarah Jessica Parker wonders out loud during our interview this Friday afternoon. “Honestly?” And then she lets me into her stream of consciousness: her daughters need to apply for high school; it’s almost time to prepare for the second season Sex and the city restart, And just like that …; check which of her friends and family have a birthday; and start planning a big fall gala ballet in New York. At the bottom of the list: Her beauty routine.

So, a partnership with a clinical skin care brand RoC it will probably be a surprise, but for someone with an ever-growing to-do list, it was right because of the simplicity factor. “I acted like I was allergic to my skincare routine forever,” Parker said. “Because I didn’t want to be fooled.” The aversion was cured when she tried it hydrates and full line, which now has “constantly in the backpack”. This gives her the perfect foundation to create a more beauty look, perhaps for the second part of Legends Only.

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For Boys Red Carpet, 1991

“My natural hair texture is wavy, but if I use a diffuser, I can give it the strength to be curly like this – the diffuser gives my hair ten times more strength than I do.

I’m not a girl with lipstick, I think I look awful with it. This was a lip pencil from Clinique or Estée Lauder. In the 1980s, we felt immense pride in being able to do lips without mirrors, which I could. I don’t like this look at me. ”

“It’s a wig! Even though I was that blonde at the time I was working with Garnier. There were no notes in the script about what any of the witches looked like, so we – Beth, Kathy and I – just solved it at a concert with the director. Kenny Ortega.

We just finished filming another. We recreated the beauty of the look! But this is really a different time because it is not a movie, but digital. But the wig is coming back. ”

Sex and the City tutu dress, 1998 and 2008

“It simply came to our notice then Sex and the city the title sequence with a completely different hairstyle and makeup team, which is why it looks so inconsistent. to the rest of the show. Pat Field, the stylist, was the only connective tissue. We made so many of these dresses because it was sprayed over and over again. So we had one that we wore in the movie. ”

Papped on The Stoop, 2018

“I don’t have a cosmetic routine when I leave the house to do chores – I’m a mom!” No chance. I love sunglasses, especially goggles because it was worn by my mom when she was growing up.

I can’t set aside more time to save just because I could take photos on the street. So sunglasses can be a big help. ”

And just like that… Premiere, 2021

“Elaine Offers made me up for tonight. I love smokey eye, and I’ve always had it. I don’t know how to contour, I don’t know how to apply good base makeup, but I can do smokey eye and it just works on me. I feel like I feel well, which is why I wore it And just like that … prime minister. I used Laura Mercier Caviar Eye Stick, that’s what makes it easier. ”

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